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So There!

As James loads the keys into he box, he narrates about being the phoenix rising from the ashes. He reminds us that all but one person voted him out, but then they made the mistake of bringing him back. It being a mistake because now they all have to listen to him bitch about it nonstop. When he convenes the nomination meeting, he lectures everyone about lying and how all you have in the house is your word. So to demonstrate, the first person who's safe is Natalie, who gets to pull Matt's key. James nods, like, Yeah, I keep my word, bitches. Bask in my awesome-osity. Matt pulls Sharon, Sharon pulls Chelsia, Chelsia pulls Joshuah, and Joshuah pulls Adam. Sheila and Ryan both nod like they saw it coming. James lectures Sheila SOME MORE about breaking her word, and says that he's nominated Ryan out of revenge. Meeting over!

Ryan is still confident, since he's "the king of the block." This is his third nomination, after all, and he's still around. Yes, of the other two times he was nominated, he only got evicted one of them. Matt DRs that Natalie prevented his nomination and he owes her big time. James says that this is the biggest revenge in Big Brother history. These people are even worse Big Brother historians than I am. Sheila DRs sarcastically, "I'm not gonna cry, boo hoo hoo." Now she's just pissed off. "Bring it on," she says. Well, gosh, why would we ever think Sheila might cry about something?

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