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Hey, Judas

It's the return of the private HoH Chenterview, in which Julie asks Frank about his turnaround on Dan after spending five weeks trying to get rid of him. Frank doesn't tell her anything we don't already know. As for his final-two deal with Dan, Frank says he's trying to build trust, but it might be sincere depending on how things go the next couple of weeks. Finally, Julie asks Frank about his current relationship with Ian, and he says he plans to get Ian out next week, assuming Ian doesn't win HoH tonight. Or tomorrow morning, as the case may be. "In that costume?" Julie asks archly.

It's almost eviction time, but first Danielle and Britney get to make their speeches. Danielle, dressed like she's not going out of her bedroom let alone the house, stands up and claims that she wants to stay and that Britney will always be one of her best friends. Britney starts with a shout-out to her homies and tells her fellow players that she doesn't have the time or ego to host her own funeral, but they have to go in and vote for their own game. "And to quote a very, very wise old man," she concludes, turning to Dan, "you'll always be Judas to me." And look how that line worked out for Jerry. "It was supposed to be funny," she explains after she sits down. Dan seemed to think so, at least.

He's the first to vote, and forgets to suck up to Julie before voting to evict Britney. He sucks up to his wife instead, which was probably smart. Jenn votes the same way, but without sucking up to anyone. Ian votes, no surprise, to evict Danielle. That leaves Shane, who sadly votes to evict Britney. The whole audience goes "Awww" at this news that Britney's officially done. Joe casts his courtesy vote with Shane and returns to the living room.

Danielle and Britney are holding hands like Thelma and Louise as Julie tells her she's been evicted by a 4-1 vote. She's the opposite of surprised, and makes a quiet exit. At least it's quiet until she comes out into the studio, where it is not quiet at all. While Ian stands alone in front of the memory wall watching her picture go monochrome, Britney gets set up for her exit Chenterview.

Julie's first "question" is a remark about Britney's final speech. She says she can respect what Dan did to save himself, but obviously she's not happy about it. "Is he pure genius or pure evil?" Julie wonders, getting the obvious answer of "both." Britney remains amazed at what Dan pulled off, using a Bible no less. Britney blames part of her current situation on her allegiance to Ian, although she doesn't regret it. Julie remarks that Britney was just blindsided again, even though Britney claims to have tried to remain paranoid about who was talking to whom. "But, you know, Dan's good." Julie does point out that she helped mastermind the eviction of two of the other greatest players and wonders if that means Britney's proven she can play the game. Like Britney's going to say, "Yes, it does!" Julie's next question is what happens to Ian and Shane without her, and Britney says Ian needs to chill out, and that Shane's just going to follow someone, whether it be Dan or Danielle. I don't think it'll be Danielle, between you and me. Julie brings up Britney's farewell message to Mike last week (earning Britney even more cheers) and cues up Britney's messages from the houseguests.

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