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Know When to Fold Them

Andy joins McCrae and Amanda in the HoH room, and the main topic of conversation is Spencer, who has made himself a target. Andy adds that Spencer is a lot less readable than Jessie is and thus might be more dangerous. Spencer himself enters the room. Awkward silence. Spencer tries to patch things up, but his overtures don't seem to be cutting much ice. Especially since one of them was a mocking imitation of Amanda's reaction to Spencer's abandoning the plan. Jessie sticks her head in to say the alcohol has shown up and they head down -- but Andy asks Amanda to hang back so they can shit-talk Spencer some more. Spencer has gone against Amanda's wishes, and he must be punished.

Andy gets back to the HoH room to find Jessie waiting for him. He sighs, as anyone would, and she launches into her pitch about how Andy is at the bottom of the totem pole and he could put himself on top by nominating… Amanda. Too bad she has no idea what's actually going on, which, if she did, she'd be advising him to nominate Helen.

Helen finds it challenging to have a private conversation with McCrae given his constant attachment to Amanda, but she does it anyway. She wants to make sure Amanda doesn't know about their fake alliance, of course not realizing that the fake alliance was Amanda's idea in the first place. Helen is worried about Amanda winning HoH when it's down to four of them, so she thinks Amanda should go before then, which tells McCrae that Helen's going to have to go before then. And then McCrae goes and tells Amanda, who agrees. With all this "striking first" everyone's talking about, we're going to end up with a final two of Jessie and Elissa.

Now it's just a matter of telling Andy. The 3AM alliance (Amanda, Aaryn, Andy and McCrae) convene in the HoH room. Aaryn's been out of the loop as a Have Not, and when Amanda and McCrae tell Andy what's up, he's torn between keeping his hands relatively clean and making his first big power move. "It's an extremely tricky decision!"

And that's all the cogitating we get before Andy gathers the Veto meeting. For once, Andy lets the nominees speak in their defense, starting with Jessie. She says she'd love it if Andy used the Veto on her but understands if he doesn't. Spencer tells him that he'd like Andy to use the Veto on him, "But you haven't done anything intelligent all week and I wouldn't expect you to start now." Everyone laughs as Spencer sits back down, but it's more of a "What just happened?" laugh than a "That was funny" laugh. I can tell because someone actually says, "What just happened?" So at least he's screwing up his own plan as well. Andy decides not to use the Veto, because he is, after all, Andy. After the Veto meeting, Andy DRs that Spencer needs to dial it back with the jokes or he'll be out of here. Spencer seems to realize that too, as he DRs, "I'm starting to feel like a candy bar at fat camp." Yes, jokes like that. Jessie DRs that she's been nominated before, but has managed to stay. Like that's had anything to do with her. Helen DRs that she's now just looking for the next chance to evict Amanda, and Amanda says they next week they can get rid of Helen or Spencer. "Depends on what I feel like." Wow, cocky much? She's lucky there's no more America-as-MVP vote after that crack.

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