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The last question is about who went first on the Thin Ice game. The horn sounds, and both Frank and Dan are now motivated to win for reasons of their own. Enough, in fact, that it's judged a sufficiently tense moment to go to commercial. We come back with the competition edited to be strung out way longer than any of the other rounds up until now. Dan admits in the DR that he didn't know the answer, but was going to go with either Ashley or JoJo, whichever one he found first. He is the first one up the ramp, and Frank asks Dan what he got. "You'll find out at the reveal," Dan says cagily. And it turns out he got it right, so he wins PoV. Even luck is on his side. "This is our opportunity if there ever was one," Ian whispers to Shane on the bench. Dan celebrates in the DR, while Jenn hopes that Dan will save her this week.

As for Frank, he admits that he hasn't always trusted Dan, but will never doubt him again if he comes through for him now. Dan himself tells us that he's in two alliances and can do whatever he wants. Which, alas, seems to include Dan walking around the house in his underwear a lot after the competition. After congratulating his half-naked self in the storage room, he goes up to Ian and they make a Renegade-style pledge to take each other to the final two. So that's Ian, Danielle, and Frank that Dan has current final-two deals with. At least one of them is going to be disappointed in the end. Dan reminds us that he was loyal and honest to one person last time, but this time he's doing whatever it takes to win. Which, last time, was being honest and loyal. I'm just saying.

Dan talks to Frank about what he's going to do. "Obviously you know I can't use it on you, right?" he tells Frank, who eagerly agrees, because he wants to keep his secret (and, unbeknownst to him, no longer extant) alliance with Dan under wraps, whereas if Dan saves Jenn, it can be under cover of returning a favor. Dan tells Frank he just needs to find out who Ian will put up in her place.

Dan does go to Ian, but it's to give Ian the idea, Inception-style, that Jenn needs to be vetoed, because if that doesn't happen, Frank and Jenn will realize he's no longer on their side. Dan and Ian run through the various scenarios, at the end of which Ian ends up planning to put up Joe in Jenn's place. "My master plan is working!" Dan beams in the DR. And then later, Frank finds Dan and reinforces that this is the best plan...for Dan. "Are you crazy? Do you know what's about to happen to you?" Dan rhetorically asks Frank in the DR. Clearly he doesn't.

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