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Dan then has a quiet talk with Jenn in which he says he plans to veto her against Ian's wishes (only half of which is true) and then wonders what they should do if it's Frank against Joe. "Vote Joe out," Jenn says, repressing her "duh" face as much as she can. And then Dan oversells it a bit, telling her he hopes she can trust him. And since she'll owe him, she'd better. I'm pretty sure he just made a final-two deal with her, too. Who's left, anyway?

Pre-veto meeting, Dan talks about his sweet position after his near-death experience last week, Frank DRs about the paramount importance of keeping his (now one-sided, unbeknownst to Frank) alliance with Dan secret. It's not an Enigma machine, Frank, jeez. "IT WILL BE ONE LONG, GRUELING, TIRING WEEK IF I END UP ON THE BLOCK TODAY," Joe DRs. Yes, for all of us. Ian also wants to keep his alliance with Dan secret. Dan finally convenes the PoV meeting, and remembers to let the nominees speak in their defense like so few Veto holders have this season (not that I mind when they skip it; it keeps things moving along faster).

Frank says he doesn't expect to be vetoed given his long rivalry with Dan, but "reminds" Dan that he, Frank has to skip the HoH competition this coming week, so it might be better to keep him while he's still vulnerable. Jenn "reminds" Dan about his funeral last week, which she rescued him from, and straight-up asks him to return the favor. Dan gives a hometown shout-out to Dearborn, where he says you don't make deals until you've paid your debts, so he's using the Veto on Jenn. Ian glowers fairly convincingly as the charade plays out, and "reluctantly" puts up Joe in Jenn's place, for the lack of other options. And that's the Veto meeting.

Jenn DRs that she's glad to be off the block, but hopes she and Frank can trust Dan. Joe blusters loudly in the DR about not going without a fight; and Frank, who is still nominated, says everything is going according to plan. That may be the first time a nominee on this show has ever said that. Of course, the person we all really want to hear from right now is Dan, who says, not at all revealingly, "It's not personal, it's just business." So will Frank finally head out the door tomorrow, or will Dan sacrifice Joe to a desire to cover his ass a little longer with all the people he's in bed with? In any case, it's double elimination tomorrow, so if Frank makes it, he's going to be pretty pleased that the HoH reign he passed up a shot at is going to be less than an hour long anyway.

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