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Joshuah and Sheila speculate about who they think Adam is going to nominate. Joshuah says it'll be the two of them, more to fuck with Sheila's head than because he thinks it's actually the case.

But just to be safe, Joshuah strikes a deal with Adam to help him in the future if Adam doesn't nominate or backdoor Joshuah. Then the two of them go in to ask Sheila how she'd feel if she and Josh go up. Sheila acts shocked that Adam would even think about it, and if he was kidding before, her pissy attitude and threats seem to have him thinking about seriously doing it, if only so we don't have to sit and listen to her entitled bullshit any more.

It's time for a "luxury challenge," which is going to determine which of them gets to see the upcoming movie 21, which just happens to be a Columbia Pictures release (yes, that's "Columbia" as in what the "C" in "CBS" stands for). As annoyed as I am by the blatant cross-promotion, I will freely recommend the book that the movie is based on, Bringing Down the House, about a bunch of card-counting math brainiacs who took Vegas for millions. I will draw the line at looking up the author or getting you an Amazon link, however. Anyway, they all sit and watch the trailer and get all excited, because normally the monitor doesn't show them anything more exciting than Julie Chen asking them inane questions and bossing them around. They then head out to the backyard, which has been transformed into an outdoor casino. It's mostly just set dressing, of course, and they won't get to play with most of it. As host of the competition, Adam explains that they'll be competing in a card-counting-themed challenge in which the winner will win four passes for themselves to a screening of 21, and also get to pick which of the other three houseguests get to join them, in a desperate bid to add a little drama to this naked product placement.

The competition begins, and it's fairly tricky. Cards flash up on a screen, one at a time, with houseguests' faces and a number. They have to then name the houseguests whose cards add up to twenty-one, which means they have to remember who showed up on what number card. I couldn't do it, I confess. Unless I tried really hard, which I have to admit I didn't while watching. Anyway, Ryan wins the first hand, and James tries to follow that, but screws up and gets eliminated. Adam wins the next chip. Sheila is the next to go out. Ryan gets his second chip, and then Josh gets eliminated by buzzing in before he's ready and having to make a wild guess. Well, at least he got to play. Natalie wins a chip, to everyone's frank amazement, and then Ryan gets his third chip and a commanding lead. He also wins the fourth chip, and that's it; he's won the luxury competition. Okay, that was impressive. Everyone claps happily for Ryan, all "Pick me! Pick me!" Ryan picks Adam, Natalie, and James to join him for the screening, the latter to further smooth things over about James's backdooring. Not that Mister Turn The Other Cheek is going to be bought off that easily. Sheila is disappointed not to get picked, but at least she doesn't bitch self-righteously about what type of person this makes Ryan.

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