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But it's not over, because Ryan now has a chance to win a $21,000 trip to Vegas. Josh reminds us that Ryan has already won ten grand, and Jen won $5,000 way in the beginning as part of the Power Couple, so how much more can Ryan earn in this house? In any case, if Ryan goes for it, he risks the movie screening in one hand of blackjack. If he loses, the other four houseguests will see the movie instead. Not surprisingly, those four houseguests want him to go for it. And he does. Adam functions as the dealer. Ryan stands on 18, and Adam beats him by dealing himself a 19. So neither of them gets to watch the movie. Instead, Sheila, Chelsia, Sharon, and Joshuah win the screening. "Girl power!" Joshuah says excitedly. Heh. I'm thinking it's more like "how long can Ryan be smart?" power.

In Matt's absence, Natalie has turned for guidance to Matthew; that is to say, the book of Matthew in the Bible. She looks up from the book and somehow decides that there is some kind of deep significance in the presence of eight pink curtains in the bedroom. She goes to share this revelation with Sheila, and adds that she's seen a total of seven groups of eight in the house, from significant ones like the sayings on the walls, to obscure ones like groupings of pillows. So there must be an eighth group of eight, right? It only stands to reason. Natalie goes to "study," having completely forgotten that the game started with eight couples. "Eh, all right," Sheila shrugs hilariously from atop the elliptical trainer. Natalie goes and communes with the stuffed deer head in the living room. I refuse to count the points on the antlers.

The next morning, the houseguests are let back in to discover that the table has gotten smaller. Natalie's numerology-driven Spidey sense is again tingling, because now there are eight chairs and eight place settings. It must mean Evel Dick is coming back! Because Evel Dick has eight letters, and he was from Big Brother 8! It's all connected! What makes me insane is that from what Julie told us on Wednesday, we already know that Natalie is right. Even though the way she got there has to be complete bullshit. I've underestimated Natalie: clearly she has eight brain cells.

By the pool table, Natalie and Adam talk about who Adam should nominate. Natalie thinks he should go with Chelsia and James, and that he would be foolish to nominate Sheila, who Natalie figures will go out next week anyway. "Look at the numbers," she exhorts him. Adam bugs his eyes out at her. OMG! His eyeballs are each eight inches wide!

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