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Adam stands before the memory wall, looking at it thoughtfully. James thinks Adam would be stupid to put him up, since James would get revenge "tenfold" if he does. Because that's how world peace happens. Sheila doesn't trust Adam to let go of the shitty way she's treated him. Joshuah is confident in th deal he's made with Adam, and everyone's going to be surprised.

Adam sits and plugs keys into the box, VOing that a time comes when you have to make enemies in the house. Unless you never win HoH. Or, better yet, don't play at all. That's worked pretty well for me so far. But Adam says he's made up his mind.

Everyone gathers around the new, smaller table, and Adam says that even though nobody has done him wrong (conveniently forgetting Sheila's week-one nonstop bitching about him), but he had to make a decision and, as he tells them it's "not so bad." Here's who's safe: Natalie, Sharon, Ryan ("That's rare," he murmurs), Joshuah, and Sheila. Adam explains that he's not planning to backdoor anyone, and that for the same reason James gave for nominating Matt (namely, breaking up the Nat/Matt alliance), Adam is breaking up James and Chelsia. Plus he figures this will even out votes in his favor when he's on the block in future. Meeting over!

Natalie gloats in the DR about how this is payback for James. "You don't mess with me, you don't mess with Matty," she says. I was all ready to make fun of her for taking credit, but then I remembered that Adam did exactly what she told him to do. Have I underestimated her, or is this more like that scene in True Lies where Jamie Lee Curtis kills a room full of terrorists by dropping a machine gun down the stairs? Joshuah takes his turn in the DR to boast about how Adam and Sheila are easy for him to manipulate. "They have no spine or backbone of their own." Sheila doesn't look as happy as you might think about being safe, by the way. She's probably pouting over Adam making her wait until the end.

Adam DRs that he's doing this for Matt, his homeboy, his Bible Buddy. Chelsia and James each angrily DR that only one of them will go, and the other one is going to come after Adam in revenge. I'm glad the two of them are learning so much about the cycle of vengeance, so that after the game they can go out and get on their respective cycles of peace and clean up that whole Middle East thing.

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