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Stick To The Plan

Next morning, Natalie sits in the pool with Adam and Ryan, talking about why her attempts at an acting career failed: "God wanted me to go on TV and be me!" God's like, "Okay, first of all -- actually, you know what, I can't even be bothered any more." Meanwhile, in the shadows under the porch, Sheila and Sharon are busy reassuring each other that Natalie's gone. Natalie looks over and wonders what's up with the two of them.

So later, while Sharon is otherwise occupied, Natalie comes to the HoH room to fret at Sheila about Sharon always being with Sheila lately. Sheila cuts to the chase and says she has to put up Natalie as the replacement nominee. But she assures Natalie that she'll be safe because Sheila can't afford to piss off Ryan. Smooth, that, letting Natalie think that she's still dealing with the timid, passive version of Sheila. Still, Natalie is regretting listening to the "giving side" of herself during the HoH competition and letting go so Sheila could win it. Sheila DRs that she feels bad about lying to Natalie, but hey, Natalie has lied to Sheila before. At least Sheila isn't all self-righteous about it like James was all the time. As for Natalie, she seems more or less satisfied with the ongoing integrity of Team Christ. Team Christ is a rock! Just like the Apostle Peter. Hey, that reminds me, do you suppose there's any way to have a rooster crow after she gets voted out? I'm just wondering.

Apparently it's Sheila's birthday, so the other four houseguests throw her a little surprise party in the back yard, with decorations and cake and a lovely letter from Sheila's mom, whom she hasn't heard from since Thanksgiving and who she didn't even know was a Big Brother fan. Happy birthday, Sheila! Enjoy your crying jag!

Sharon plays out the endgame for Adam as she's predicting it: people want to take her to the end, because she's only got three votes in the jury house: Joshuah, James, and Chelsia. "We'll see who's smart and who's not," Sharon predicts. Translation: take me to the end, Adam. ["Of course, it's 'only' three votes, but it's three iron-clad votes that won't ever waver, leaving her with only one bitter ex-Team Christ member to win over. Of course, she's playing with morons who probably won't figure that out, which is why it's a solid strategy." -- Joe R]

And later, Ryan tells Adam they're going to be in the final two. Adam relays what Sharon said to him earlier, not realizing that she might have her own motives for claiming to be a pushover in any final two scenario. Still, Ryan realizes that he has to balance Natalie's unpopularity with the difficulty of beating her in enough competitions to get to the final two in the first place.

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