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Brendon calls up Britney, who mocks him after the fact in the DR for his over-dramatic delivery: "You're a homo sapien, Brendon. You're not a wizard." Britney scores five points, and Kristen two, followed by Hayden, who gets the ball into the PoV pocket. Rachel matches that, as do Ragan and Enzo, so Kristen is eliminated after the first round. Way to go down fighting, Kristen. She collects a prize, which turns out to be the Power of Veto, but since this is one of those deals where the prizes are white elephant/Yankee swap/Nasty Christmas, meaning people who finish later can trade prizes with people, she knows she's not going to get to hold onto it.

Ragan loses the next round, and his prize is a "veto ticket," which guarantees him a chance to play in next week's PoV competition. Ragan holds onto it, saying he's playing long-term; "You never know when you're going to need it." Except I don't picture Ragan needing it until September.

Enzo claims the next prize, a 3-D flat screen TV, which he's keeping for himself. He must not want the nominations to stay the same that much.

Rachel is eliminated in the next round, and her prize is a "second chance" -- only it's not for her, but for someone else who's already been eliminated. Rachel picks Ragan to go back in, because he's one of her biggest allies. Which is sad for Rachel, but at least now she has the veto ticket. And then Ragan is booted out again in the very next round anyway. His prize is $5,000, which he doesn't want, seeing as how that will make him a target. He swaps with Rachel, who wants it even less than he does. "There's so much tension in the house that people are not accepting cash!" Lane DRs incredulously. Heh. Kristen DRs that she might get to hold onto the PoV after all, the way this is going. Yeah, keep hope alive, there.

For the last round, it's down to Britney and Hayden. Britney gets a perfect shot, which puts the pressure on Hayden. And also in Rachel, because it's still all about her.

After the ads, Hayden blows the shot. As the winner, Britney's only celebration is a muttered, "Wow." Hayden's prize is the "Hippietard," which I assume is the same unitard that has been showing up as a booby prize for the last several seasons, only bleached and tie-dyed. Hayden nabs the PoV from Kristen, consigning Kristen to the unitard for the week. And Britney opens the final prize: 24 house of solitary confinement. Wow, with these idiots, that might be the sweetest prize of all. Rachel's hoping Britney will take the PoV from Hayden, which she does. Britney is quietly happy about getting to control their fates, while Kristen breaks down and cries in Hayden's arms, saying that she would fight against anyone else, but not Hayden. Which is too bad for her, because fighting seems to be the only thing that ever gets her on our TVs.

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