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Still, Hayden jumps the gun and reports back to Britney that the deal's on. They're already looking forward to nominating Rachel and Brendon next week. "We're gonna be remembered!" Hayden squeals. Wow, what a lofty and yet pathetic goal all at once.

After the break, Britney is up in the HoH room discussing Rachel's next move. Britney assures Rachel that Kristen will still go home, even if Kathy goes up, which is not what she told Hayden. Out of nowhere Rachel brings up nominating Lane, because she's got it in for "floaters" for some reason she can never articulate. As a result, Britney DRs that she needs to rethink this, but phrases it to Rachel as "It's gonna be a decision that you and me make together." Well played, that.

Pre-Veto, Hayden says that if this works, he, Kristen and the brigade are all safe next week. "Geniuuus!" he sings out, which on this show is the equivalent of standing on a golf course during a thunderstorm while holding aloft a giant metal flagpole that reads "God Sucks." At the meeting, Hayden is the first to be invited to make his case, and he promises Britney that using the PoV will benefit the both of them. Kristen says she doesn't deserve to be in this position, and feels "thrown under the bus." She throws herself on Britney's mercy instead. Britney makes a way-too-lengthy speech about how this was a hard decision, and finally announces that she's not using the Veto. Rachel covers her mouth in a failed attempt to conceal her glee.

"What just happened?" Hayden DRs. Indeed. You know, I get that Britney doesn't want to go against the couple that's been all but bulletproof, so maybe this week would have been a good time to let Britney in on the secret of the Brigade alliance. Then, knowing that saving Hayden would have also brought her the support of Enzo, Lane and Matt, she could have made a more informed decision. By which I mean laughing in the Brigade's faces. Rachel is relieved, and DRs that the hypothetical alliance isn't such a big loss, because she didn't trust Hayden and Kristen anyway, and now she doesn't have to. And Britney explains in the DR that she couldn't risk having Rachel put up Lane, which right there makes her the Brigade's MVP and she's not even in it. And Kristen is a weepy mess on the DR, saying she'd love to send Rachel packing. Good luck with that. See you in the studio tomorrow, Bootleg Little Orphan Annie.

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