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Later, Dick DRs that the entire week has been very hard for him, and we blue-and-white to him fighting with Daniele and her crying and him being obnoxious and throwing things. Good times. He tells us that he went to talk to her and try to "take the high road," but it turns out that Daniele wasn't particularly impressed, since he never listens to her anyway. When he tells her he wants her to be as nice to him as she is to the other people in the house, she bursts into tears and explains that they're all nicer to her than he is, and she wants to leave. Dick's brilliant response is to try to one-up his own crying child by insisting that he's cried more than she has since they've been in the house. Way to go, "Dad." He claims that he doesn't want to lose touch with her again, but he can't explain it in any other way than how it affects him -- it's so hard for him, she has no idea, et cetera. She tells him that he's said horrible things to her, but he counters that she's been mean, too, which is how you know that he's in no position to be her dad, because that's not how dads act. He doesn't have any generosity toward her, you know? I'm not saying parents shouldn't expect respect from their kids, but he doesn't seem to have any ability to just put aside his own interests and really try to make her feel better. She tells him that he's less like her dad and more like "a mean friend," which on the one hand is hilariously dumb-sounding, but on the other hand, I think I know what she means, and it's very sad. She's talking about how he's like that "friend" who you feel stuck with even though they shit-talk you all the time and you don't know why you stay around. Dick apologizes, kind of, but it's all about insisting that he's a good person, and you can just tell that he's in this discussion to hear her forgive him, and ultimately to get something for himself, and not to make her feel better, which is sad. This is why he actually is a bad dad, at least right now, and which is not to excuse Daniele's behavior at all. But all Dick's tearful swearing that he loves her and would never abandon her just doesn't make up for the fact that he doesn't really care how all of this is making her feel. He cares how it's making him feel, which means that in a sense, he actually loves her less than I love my dog, because I always at least have some concern for how he feels.

When we come back, it's time for the most surprising story of the week: Eric and Jessica. No, really. Hey, Eric! We did not tell you to do that! But they practice a little dancing and flipping in which he spins her around, and they both admit that they feel close to each other, and I still cannot believe that's her real voice. And...scene!

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