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Sweet Chicken

Dustin, dressed in a silly royal outfit, rounds everyone up for the food competition called the "Humpty Scramble." Oh, yes. They all pair up -- Daniele and Nick, Eric and Zach, Dick and Kail, Jessica and Jameka, and Amber and Jen. The food competition turns out to require each pair to dig out a bunch of jigsaw puzzle pieces and assemble them into a big Humpty Dumpty. First team to put together their egg is guaranteed no slop. At first, Dick and Kail are rolling, then Jessica and Jameka are coming on, as are Daniele and Nick. The big winners in the end are Jessica and Jameka indeed, so they are guaranteed real food for the week. Jameka says she was just proud of them for winning. Dustin announces that they have to put five people on slop for the rest of the week. This is an ugly task. Dick is the only one who hasn't been on slop, so he's first. Their second choice is Zach, though they fake out Eric first. Jessica admits that this was just because Jameka doesn't like Zach, heh. Next up is Kail, whom...again, they don't like. Then Nick, because Jessica says he's a threat in competitions. And finally, they choose Jen, who tells us she's happy to be on slop, and this will keep her from eating too much. I have to say, she's weirdly growing on me.

After the commercials, it's time for Dick and Jen to sit around and not like each other. He taunts her about whether she's had a boob job, and she handles him like a champ, totally unfazed and bored with his antics. He's really not getting to her, which I personally love. It's fairly obvious that he's not used to dealing with people who are smarter than he is, which doesn't speak very well to the company he keeps.

Kail tries to get Dustin to put up Dick and Zach with an eye at having Dick booted, but Dustin tells her that "the house" is hot to have the Kail/Zach/Nick alliance knocked down again. Kail takes a risk and volunteers to go up as the famous "pawn" of legend if Dustin can guarantee she won't go home. Dustin tells us that what with her being "weak, feeble, desperate, and annoying," it's not like he was shocked to be approached by her. There's not a lot of content in that speech, but the ability to come up with "weak, feeble, desperate, and annoying" in an instant does earn him some respect from me. "Feeble" is a good word. Especially in this context.

Jen is next to visit Dustin, and he asks her opinion of Kail. She tells him that it wasn't her who voted to evict Kail, but Dustin isn't sure he believes her. Jen throws out Daniele and Dick as threats, but Dustin asks her about Zach. She says that Zach would go home if it were him and anybody else. It's hard to read this discussion, because I'm not sure what they actually think of each other, except that I have to think she's right that she has to have at least a tiny amount of a point with him for getting rid of Joe.

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