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Sweet Chicken

And now, your player and mine...Eric! He opens his instructions, which tell him to get Jen nominated. Eric thinks that's a great idea, and he's "more than pleased" to have her as a target. Yeah, you did a great job last time, loser. Dustin talks to everyone, suggesting Zach and Kail as one option. Another would be Jen and Kail. Jameka favors Zach/Kail, while Dick wants Nick/Kail. Eric says that while Jen isn't going home this week, they should put her up for being the other vote against Kail. Heh. Dustin tells us that he needs to get Kail or Jen, and then Nick or Zach, out of the house.

The new America's Player thing asks us whether Eric should try to introduce as a catch phrase, "Sweet Chicken!", "Booyakah!", or "I'd Do That For A Dollar." Okay, this just got awesome. Dance, puppets, dance! At the beginning, I thought that the charm of this was supposed to be that we would control the game, but that's clearly not what it is. The charm is making somebody do things that the other houseguests react to as if they're genuine, which makes the other houseguests look stupid. And I am always, always in favor of that.

When we're back from the final commercials, Dustin is contemplating his nominations, while others are contemplating their chances of going up. Jen doesn't think she'll go up. Zach doesn't think he will, either. Kail is afraid that she will, but she hopes that she's only a pawn. Dustin ponders the keys and the box and the box and the keys and I hate this part and I am so happy we only weecap this show now. Nick thinks he's safe, and his stupid porn 'stache is comfortable along with him.

At the nomination ceremony, Dustin brings out the box. He says that he based everything on "competitiveness and strategy." I don't even know what that means. Amber is the first to get her key. Then Jessica, Dick, Jameka, Nick, Zach, Daniele, and Eric. So that means Jen and Kail are up. He tells Jen she's a strong competitor, and he tells Kail that her behavior has been "questionable," whatever that means. Kail says she's feeling "really worried," even though she offered to go up. She's just going to trust Dustin, which is too bad, since he says that he really wants to send Kail home and believes that will happen. Jen says she's hurt to be put up, which is interesting and appears to be an actual reaction.

Next time: Can Eric make the house start saying "Sweet Chicken"? (If it's not "Sweet Chicken," I will be so mad.) Will someone win/use the veto? I don't think we know. We will have to see. All of us together, we will see.

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