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After the ads, things shift out to the backyard, where Jeff tries to calm Shelly down, saying nobody believes Rachel anyway. Jordan joins the group, and Adam, who was out smoking already, flees the scene before his presence can become relevant. That was close. Shelly continues acting like someone ran over her dog. With her other dog.

Veto competition drawing. HoH Daniele and nominees Adam and Shelly play automatically, as always. Jordan, Kalia (her first Veto competition ever), and Jeff are the other players. Brendon and Rachel are shut out, which makes them visibly unhappy, not that they're ever any other kind of unhappy. Porsche's the host again, so Shelly DRs to Brendon and Rachel, "Enjoy the view."

Porsche visits Kalia and Daniele in the HoH room, and after Daniele fucks with Porsche by asking for five minutes first, they settle down to watch the other houseguests on the monitor and talk about how they could end up backdooring Brendon and how nice it would be to get him out of the house. Well, there's a third time for everything.

Wearing a slutty-farmer's-daughter outfit, Porsche summons everyone outside for the Veto competition. The competitors are also dressed in hickwear, and the backyard is decorated like a barnyard. There's also a larger version of the "cornhole" beanbag-toss game the houseguests have apparently been playing. Jordan also outs Jeff (wearing overalls and a bandanna) as a secret boy-band fan from the DR. They'll have to toss beanbags onto a fake chicken coop roof, with the goal of getting them through the narrow chimney for a one-point "cornhole." If they miss, the beanbag will slide down the roof onto a large revolving turntable with different points marked on different areas, the goal being to score the fewest points possible. The person with the highest score each round loses. As people are eliminated, they'll get to pick a mystery prize from a number of bushels. And of course, people who get eliminated after them get to swap with them if they want. Shelly and Adam both want to win the Veto to save themselves, but Jeff is uncertain; even though he knows he could win easily, he may not want to, because if he saves Shelly then Brendon or Rachel could go up as replacements. Suddenly I want Jeff to win.

Jeff goes first and gets five points. Adam gets 13, so thanks for playing, Adam. Jordan scores seven, and as bad as Adam did, Shelly misses the board completely. Kalia scores eleven, and Daniele one, sinking it through the one-point hole. Shelly's out, so she gets to pick a prize. It's the Veto, which will be nice for her to have for about thirty seconds.

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