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Staying Out of Trouble

In the second round, Jordan gets the highest score and Daniele scores her second cornhole in a row, so Jordan gets a prize of 24 hours of solitary confinement. "That's a good getaway," Jeff cracks, but when Porsche adds that it comes with a call from home, Jordan tearfully takes it. Shelly takes the opportunity to hug Jordan, who suddenly offers it to her. Shelly describes it as "giving up her family for me," as though Jordan isn't going to see them again after completing her set of half-million-dollar bookends. Everyone talks about how wonderful Jordan is, and her noble sacrifice, but don't forget that Jordan has the PoV for now.

In the next round, Daniele continues her perfect game, Adam, amazingly, gets a cornhole, and Kalia gets a Caribbean vacation. "There goes our honeymoon," Rachel mutters from the sidelines.

While waiting for the next round to start, Adam quietly asks Jeff to let him win the Veto, and Jeff seems receptive. It's not like he wants to win it that bad anyway. Daniele even assures Jeff that he isn't the target. In round four, Daniele blows it on purpose, missing the cornhole for the first time and getting a 13. Jeff scores a 3, which looks like the worst intentional loss ever, but then Adam scores a cornhole with nothing but net. Daniele's prize is a "Veto Ticket," which automatically allows her to compete in next week's Veto competition. She gives Kalia a long look (Kalia threatening a hoe-down in the DR if Daniele takes her vacation away because "A ho's gonna go down"), but Daniele opts to keep the Veto ticket, saying it's really important. "Just ask Brendon and Rachel." Zzzzzing!

Finally it's down to Adam and Jeff. Daniele decides on the spot that she's going to get rid of Brendon. Jeff purposely throws it short to keep himself out of trouble and lands it on the 8-point spot, and then Adam's throw is so over-edited I think we're going to ads before we see the result...but he got seven points, so he's the big winner. Jeff claims a prize of $5,000, and Adam pulls the card from the last bushel and reads, "HUMILITARD." I don't know what that means, but we'll be seeing Jordan in it soon enough. With many apologies, Adam swaps with her and then celebrates in the DR. But the person we're really worried about is Rachel, who complains that after Adam saves himself, she and Brendon may be nominated, so they'll have to work really hard to protect themselves. Just don't have a bunch of meltdowns, Rachel, and you'll be fine like you always are when you keep your shit together. Oh, wait.

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