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Staying Out of Trouble

After the PoV competition, Rachel quietly argues to Brendon in the storage room that she should go up on the block, which he shuts down, telling her to calm down before she gets them both in trouble.

Up in the HoH room, Daniele is giving Jeff her assurances that Brendon is her target. Jeff suggests getting rid of Rachel instead, but Daniele is still on Brendon's ass and wants him out. Jeff agrees with her, for his own safety. What happened to going to war for his team? I guess his team isn't as big as he might have claimed.

As a result of her solitary confinement prize (which, if I were in this house, I would physically claw through fellow humans to get at), Shelly has to lock herself in the Have-Not room for 24 hours, but she says it's worth it to get to talk to her family. "I would give anything to see them, and just to hear their voices is priceless to me." Anything except not spending the summer in the Big Brother house. While hours pass for her in the HN room, Jordan is called to the DR, and emerges minutes later in the "Humilitard," a baggy (at least on her) green unitard with a pink tutu, a dunce beanie with a propeller, and the words "I'm With Stupid" on the front. She even has to wear pigtails, which of course Jeff loves. Adam appreciates how her propeller spins whenever she walks. I hope that's not a euphemism.

Daniele and Kalia have a little check-in meeting, talking about how Brendon is doomed and how Daniele even has plausible deniability on the deal she made with them. "My HoHs rock!" she titters.

The next morning, a speaker in the HN room rings, and Shelly's talking to her husband at home. He lies that she's doing awesome and adds that everyone back home is pulling for her. There's obviously a lot of crying when her eight-year-old gets on the phone with her, and almost none of it is mine. What do you want from me? I have a kid too, you know. And he's also far away from me right now. All the way upstairs. Just like that, the call's over, and Shelly collapses crying on the bed. "This by far is my happiest day in this house ever," she sobs. Yikes, hate to see what a sad day would look like.

The others go to the door of the HN room, and Daniele calls through the door that there are three hours left. Of course she's just fucking with someone again, and Shelly's welcomed back into the house.

Brendon and Rachel visit Daniele, supposedly to confirm the deal but really just to make insinuations. Brendon says that "somebody" might have thrown the Veto competition and Rachel comes right out and asks if there's a deal with Jeff. Daniele pleads ignorance, and Rachel suggests backdooring either Jeff or Jordan. Rachel brings up the "Jeff army" (Jordan, Adam, and Shelly, according to the editors), and the money Jeff keeps winning. They argue that the three of them can get through this game together, and Daniele promises again to think about it. She actually looks like she is, unfortunately. Don't do it, Daniele! Not again!

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