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Dude, it is so weird to see Adam alone in front of the memory wall. Even weirder than he looks without his beard. Brendon DRs that he and Rachel offered Daniele "the deal of a lifetime," because everything he ever does is awesome and generous. Then he startles me a little by even sucking up to her through the DR camera, saying he can't get through the game without her. Daniele seems torn between getting rid of Brendon and needing him on her side. Jeff is just hoping he made the right decision in throwing the Veto, but worries that he might be the replacement nominee as a result. Bit late for that.

Adam calls the Veto meeting, and obviously uses it on himself. He even gives a little speech on his own behalf, talking about how hard he worked to win. Yes, he got two other people to lose on purpose, which can't be easy. It's time for Daniele to name her replacement nominee. Daniele makes her own speech, this one about twists. "Apparently this season, the twist is that we have a zombie in the house who we keep trying to kill but just won't die." So that's Brendon up, next to Shelly and her terrifying Joker-grin. The Veto meeting ends on a weepy-faced Rachel. Shelly has calmed down by the time she gets to the DR and says she's not taking anything for granted, given what she knows Rachel will do to protect her "Bukie." Brendon bravados in the DR, and Daniele says she finally cut off the zombie's head. "Now we gotta deal with the zombie bride running around this place," she says, referring to Rachel. Jeff is glad he's safe, "but it sucks that we're going to lose an ally here." He hasn't decided how he's going to vote yet, which makes it easier for the promo guy to ask with a straight face who will be evicted tomorrow. A little easier, at least.

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