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Shut The Elf Up

Rachel: "Hey, are you guys talking? Cool, I'm just going to sit here looking disheveled."
Daniele: "Hey, Rachel. Want to just hang out and act normal for a second?"

Rachel: "...No. I guess I'd better go. As randomly and miserably as I came."
Daniele: "Nice to see you, or at least the shambling mess that you are turning into."
Rachel: (Head hung so low that she smacks into the door on her way out.)
Porsche: "I think she just forgets that this isn't her room sometimes."

Rachel: "Porsche is my best friend and I completely trust her. The fact that she is talking to Daniele proves that I can't trust her and we're not friends. Literally, she should just gut me like a fish because that's what it's like when you talk to other people that aren't me. I'm so glad we're friends and I trust her so much. I don't know what those words mean."


Porsche watches Rachel stare into space and put out cigarettes on herself for a while.:

Porsche: "Rachel, you're acting like Howard Hughes and it's creeping everybody out. You're like those people in Awakenings. Do you know that you're going to be here next week and expected to play this game? That's going to be hard if you make everybody feel like we're in that movie The Others. You have got to stop your drama queen bullshit, right now."
Rachel: "So you're saying you're on Daniele's side."
Porsche: "Christ, no. I'm saying don't add maudlin and macabre to the list of repellent things about your personality."
Rachel: "So you agree. You think I'm really pretty."
Brendon: "Everything is fine. Everything is going to fine. Please don't distract everybody from my immense sacrifice that I can't stop talking about."
Porsche: "Rachel, you have got to pull it together."
Rachel: "Oh yeah? Watch this."

She abruptly hurls herself across the yard toward the hammock, whining incomprehensibly, causing Brendon to lunge into Stop Having Feelings Mode, because you can't be a hero if your damsel is crying in front of you. The cognitive dissonance is too great. Despite one thousand inauthentic pleas to be alone in the hammock, Brendon knows better than to listen, and follows gaily after. Porsche watches all of this and remembers fondly a time when this sort of absurd, grotesque behavior might have shocked her. Rachel attempts to burrow through the hammock into the ground using only her face, while issuing one high-pitched endless screech; things get ugly.

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