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There's a long montage reminding us who early evictees Braden, Laura, Casey, and Ronnie are, and they're revealed to the audience in the studio. Ronnie is of course wearing a t-shirt with the square root symbol over the words "all evil." Julie starts off with him, asking what surprised him the most watching at home. Before answering, Ronnie congratulates Natalie, and says that all the lies he was accused of paled in comparison to Natalie's. Ronnie tells Jordan, "Natalie has lied to you more than anybody ever could." He tells her that Natalie's 18, and Jordan's like, "Shut up!" Kevin's blown away, while Natalie just laughs at how awesome she is. Ronnie's pretty pissed at Natalie for any number of things, but Julie says they should move on, adding that Natalie's probably lucky that Ronnie isn't a juror. We'll see how much good that does her. Julie asks Casey what the biggest mistake in the game was, and Casey tells Jeff he shouldn't have believed Kevin and Natalie's lie about Russell coming after him. Kevin looks busted, while Natalie is again pretty shameless. Julie plays them all a whole series of clips of Kevin and Natalie (and to a lesser extent Lydia) plotting to deceive Jeff, complete with Kevin calling Jeff an idiot for buying it. After that little package is over, Julie asks for Jeff's reaction, and Jeff makes the point that I made at the time, which is that it was true anyway, per Michele. Well, that was kind of a bust. Julie asks Braden what his biggest surprise was, and Braden says it was Jessie's way with the ladies. Thanks for your insight, Braden. And that's it from the early evictees. Sorry, Laura, looks like you got screwed over again.

Oh, but when Julie comes back to talk about Chima, she asks Laura for her reaction to Chima's behavior. Laura gives Jordan a noisy shout-out, and says Chima sucks for walking out, not only because of all the people who would kill to be on this show (as though that's a demographic we need to feel bad for) and, more importantly, leaving her alliance in the lurch. Kevin agrees, and although Julie leaves the floor open for anyone who wants to defend Chima. Surprisingly, there are no takers. Gosh, I would have thought people would be lining up to criticize Big Brother's treatment of Chima on its own live broadcast.

Next, just for fun, Julie plays the clip of Ronnie's eviction, when he called Michele the worst human being he ever met. She gives Michele a chance to respond. Michele's cool with it, saying it was just a melodramatic moment. Ronnie apologizes, and Michele accepts the apology. I'm sure they would hug if they could stand to look at each other right now.

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