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The Early-Out Curse

When we come back, Julie wants to talk about the voted-in Jase and the fact that he seems less awful than before. Jase tells us that he's learned about himself, and he's no longer as abrasive as he used to be. He calls himself "refined," and he says that in the middle of all the "big personalities," he sits back and lets other people get themselves in trouble. He also says that in his season, he had to win a lot just to stay in, and now, he doesn't: "I can win when I need to, but when I don't, I will coast." He also recalls his "showmance" with Holly, which reminds me of just how much I disliked him in a way that little else could, and he says that he's now completely committed to Heidi, his girl back home. He claims that he's "a different guy." He loved his team last time, but now, he's just working behind the scenes. We watch him chat with Howie and tell Howie that he wants in on the S6 action. And then, we watch him tell Nakomis and Diane that he wants to get the S6 people out. Then, we watch Jase ride the back of the DR chair extravagantly, as he exclaims, "I'm ridin' this whole house like a mechanical bull!" It closes with a pretty funny clip of Jase and George in the kitchen, with Jase putting his arm around George and saying, "Me and you, Chicken George, till the end." This makes George laugh. I'm always relieved when it doesn't look like George is taking things too seriously, because if he is, somebody's going to break his heart at some point.

Julie says that we're starting our HoH chats with a private chat with Jase, whose housemates can't hear him in the HoH room. She says that he seems to have "matured." Again, he attributes his improvement as a human being to Heidi, who I'm sure doesn't necessarily want to be on the hook for all of Jase's behavior. Julie asks how being co-HoH worked out. Jase says that it worked great for him, because the heat wound up all being on Janelle, who wins everything so he can shove everything off on her. He assures Julie that he'll win, and that she had better make sure the check is properly filled out in his name. So that would be "G-Y-M R-A-T"? Asked about Janelle, Jase stresses that he's still gunning for her. Before Julie lets him go, she tells him she misses the "mandanna." I immediately throw darts at my TV. Jase promises that the mandanna will come back when he makes it to the final four. By the way, Jase is wearing an argyle vest with no shirt under it, along with a tie. And the hair is all standing straight up. So it might be that the mandanna would be overkill, just a tad.

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