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The Early-Out Curse

In Alison's farewell videos, James says that if she's booted, he'll sleep easier. "You are one of the fiercest, most insane competitors I've ever seen." Howie says she's "H-O-T-T." He would. Danielle promises Alison five words: "An eye for an eye, Ali-bear." So that would seem to put a target on whomever it is that Danielle believes is responsible for Alison being nominated, and I'd have to predict that would be...Janelle. When you promise to avenge, it pretty much has to be the main enemy, right? Mike says that he tried hard to get it together to save her, but it didn't work out. Nakomis says that if she got booted, it's because she "opened up [her] mouth" and "told a bunch of lies." Diane basically says, "Bye. Have a great summer." Most embarrassingly, Erika boo-hoos in the DR that she feels so bad for having wanted "some sense of getting you back." Erika hates to feel bad. "I'm really not a vengeful type of person!" Erika insists with a blubber. Julie asks Alison how she reacts to that, and Alison pretends not to think Erika is a crazypants, even though she does, and I do, and it makes sense to.

Julie says that up next, Alison will help out with the HoH competition. Dig your own grave, and so forth.

Back from commercials. Julie talks about the importance of the competition and so forth. "A crucial responsibility!" Lives in your hands! It's almost like being a heart surgeon. Julie says that this week, there will only be one HoH. We go to the backyard, where the eleven remaining guests other than Jase and Janelle are in their little answer booths. Julie explains that in this competition, called "Alison Rules," they'll be trying to guess Alison's answers to a series of True or False questions about her houseguests. Any incorrect answer eliminates you.

First: Alison believes Howie is smarter than Will. True or false? Everyone says False; everyone is right. Alison thinks that Kaysar is the All-Star most likely to wear a peanut-butter bikini. False. Everyone is right again. Okay. Prior to entering the house, Alison thought her toughest competition was Erika. Everyone answers False except Nakomis and Kaysar. The answer is True, at least in the eyes of post-game Alison and her powers of reflection after the fact. So everybody's out other than Nakomis ad Kaysar. Question four: The person Alison believes will gain the most weight is Janelle. It's true, of course, and they both get it right. Next question: Alison believes the All-Star most likely to seek revenge by cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush is Will. Nakomis says True, Kaysar says false. Kaysar wins, and Nakomis should be ashamed, because that is not at all a Will thing to do. He'd do worse than that, I'm sure; don't get me wrong. But he wouldn't do that. It lacks finesse. He'd get someone else to do it, perhaps.

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