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The Early-Out Curse

At any rate, in an effort to keep quiet that they are an impenetrable group that should be pursued and eliminated as soon as possible, Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie celebrate Kaysar's victory by jumping all over each other and screaming. And then, right on CBS, out of earshot of the lazy beep-button operator, James says to Howie, "Calm the fuck down." I don't know why he hangs with those people. They're much too stupid, and he's fairly smart. Julie asks Alison how she feels about Kaysar's victory, and Alison says that it's not what she would have liked to see. Asked who she wanted for HoH, Alison says it was Danielle. They were up together and everything. They were nomination buddies! But not anymore. Now, Julie bids Alison adieu. Goodbye, Alison! Again! This time, please try to stay gone!

When we return from some more commercials, we're back inside, at the portion of the show where the non-evicted nominee tries to act grateful that Danielle was kept around and the rest of them try to act glad that she's still there. It's like everyone has had a seat in the living room. Julie apologizes for originally saying the winner was Nakomis, which she did. Asked how it feels, Kaysar robotically says "one more week of safety." Julie asks Danielle about not being booted, and Danielle says that it's good, but scary. Julie congratulates her, and congratulates Kaysar for HoH. Whom will he put up? I bet it won't be Janelle and Howie. I'm going out on a limb. Fearless!

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