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The Early-Out Curse

Alison tells Danielle that she wants to confront Jase and Janelle, so the two of them head upstairs, where Janelle is primping in the bathroom. The two nominees have a chat with the two HoHs, and Alison asks for "the scoop." Jase says that their intent originally was to put up Chicken George, and then they started to hear all this stuff about how Danielle and Alison were playing so hard-core to get them up on the block. They replay the clip of Danielle raising the issue with George and Alison of what happens if Jase disagrees, and it's still not clear whether she was cautioning that this might happen or proposing that it be made to happen. When confronted about whether she "went to everyone" and asked what would happen if this occurs, Danielle smugly says, "No, no, no...I went to Alison." Well, and George. Did you forget that, Danielle? And really, what difference does it make if you're the one who spreads it, if you're the one who started it? "Oh, I only told one blabbermouth schemer how we could all get rid of you; that doesn't count." Alison, for her part, says that she only told Mike and James -- omitting the fact that Diane was lying there at the time, although I'm not sure if she remembers that Diane was lying there, since Diane didn't apparently say anything. Plus, Alison was doing bicep curls at the time, so who remembers? It's hard to simultaneously perform acts of both information storage and flexing.

Alison leaves the HoH room, and Danielle takes the opportunity to tell Jase and Janelle that it was all Alison's doing. She says, "What I do is, I throw out a scenario to see where people are aligned with. Who are they going after?" I might point out that this may be what Danielle does now, but it's the opposite of what she did in her season. In her season, Danielle really did lay back for most of the time -- eyes open, mouth shut, remember? That's why she wasn't nominated. This isn't so much "what I do," in other words, as it is "what I think my post-show reputation would suggest I would do." And then Janelle does my least favorite thing, which is get all Book Of Virtues about Big Brother strategy: "How awful for her to push for Jase! To do that!" That's not awful. That was a reasonably good idea, actually, and it's not as if she tried to do it behind Jase's back. Furthermore, she admitted to Jase that she probably wouldn't want to do it if she were in his position. I don't think that was even arguably "awful." It was a strategy, and it had a decent chance of working, and Alison was right to propose it, but Jase was right not to go for it. Nobody was "awful," Janelle, just because the person she was trying to get voted out happened to be you.

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