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Janelle pulls out James's key. James pulls Howie. Marcellas. (Doh!) George. Will. And...Mike. Janelle stands up and says she nominated Danielle and Erika. "Danielle, you put me up last week, and you were unsuccessful in getting rid of me. I had no choice but to put you up. Please don't take it personally." Or, presumably, the "the bitch needs to go" part. That was also totally not personal. Janelle turns on Erika. "Erika, I kind of feel like you've been floating this entire game and playing all sides of the house. I really enjoy you as a person, but I really despise your game play." Is she kidding? "Despise"? Like it's got something to do with morality? What a ridiculous hypocrite. When she's the one making deals behind her own alliance's back, she's just looking out for herself, and it's a game, and oh well, she hopes you understand. When other people look out for themselves, she "despises" what they're doing. have no idea when it was decided that being in an alliance was morally superior to not being in an alliance. Isn't the purpose of an alliance to help you win? And isn't that its only purpose, in fact? And wouldn't it be the precise moral equivalent to decide that avoiding permanent alliances would help you win? Whatever. She's a moron.

Anyway, Janelle says "with that being said" again, and she adjourns the ceremony. Erika says she thought the speech was interesting, and found "despise" to be sort of a strong word for a difference in Big Brother strategy. She also thinks it's funny that Janelle thinks she's a "floater," when in fact -- and here is your big announcement -- she's a "simple girl from a small town named...Chill," which is officially the goofiest, dumbest declaration of self-assured awesomeness that I have ever heard. And I have recapped, like, 250 episodes of reality television. That is saying quite a lot. But believe me, Erika is going to be setting some records for the ick factor before too long, so pace yourself.

Janelle sits in the DR and says this was an easy choice, claiming that Danielle came after her and then took out "one of [her] best friends," and "paybacks are a you-know-what." You said "bitch" already in the HoH room, sister. Don't get cute. For Danielle's part, she's not at all bitter about being nominated. She just thinks that Janelle shouldn't convince herself she's won the war until she does more than nominate Danielle. Seriously. That is some good advice. "Let's rumble, girl!" Danielle says in the DR. She's either seriously not upset, or she's doing the best impression of a person who isn't upset that I've ever seen. She does way too much crying over various happenings, but I will say that Danielle is capable of moments in which I like her very much. The announcer wonders who will win the veto, and whether that person will use it to save either Danielle or Erika.

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