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You guys, I swear to God, I just smelled Bonne Bell Lip Smackers.

Marcellas also reminds Janelle that they have an F2 deal. She reminds him that he's in an alliance with Danielle and Erika now. I can't keep track of these alliances. Marcellas insists that he has only one deal -- and that's the one he has with her. And then, in the DR, he laughs and assures us that he would have said absolutely anything to Janelle at that moment. "I never hated you," he lies for all of us, and he promises her that his allegiance is to her. She says that she feels the same. They kiss and make up and agree to keep "acting" like they hate each other. "If I win Head of Household, the buxom blonde is toast," he says. Aw, that is love. Well, reality-show love.

Later, Will and Janelle chat about the reputed "new power" in the HoH room. He tells us in the DR that he isn't sure what was up with the sheep, so he needs another clue. He also tells us that it's very important for him and Mike to control this power, because they're "in a precarious position this week." And just like that, we are taken into the backyard, where the houseguests are being presented with their second clue, which is an oversized spool of thread and a needle. James tells us in the DR that a needle pulls thread, so his wool-pulling guess could still be right. Also, he's pretty sure he can move that rubber-tree plant. Mike asks Will about "a wolf in sheep's clothing" as a possibility. Will can't see how that would relate to the needle and thread. Details, details. George stares at the clue, trying to figure out what sewing has to do with "you are expected to expect the unexpected." He says, "Could be the Green Giant's toothpick." Still wouldn't make his guess any better. Maybe that's what's unexpected!

Mike and Will talk some more. They iron out the business about the apparently female sheep (pink bow) being called a "ewe." Marcellas ponders the clue in the red bedroom. Will is running through possibilities with Mike: "You reap what you sow," "a stitch in time saves nine," and "spinning the yarn" come up. In the red bedroom, Marcellas says, "Blanket of immunity." Yeah, good one. Aw, in honor of that answer, I feel we should all pause for a moment of silence in honor of Baby Fishmouth.


Anyway, outside, Will brings up "oh what a tangled web we weave," which has nothing to do with sheep or sewing. Focus, Dr. Evil!

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