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After another set of commercials, it's time to interview Janelle in the HoH room. As always, this discussion is completely pointless. Julie asks about how Janelle started to question James after the veto competition, not that she didn't question James from the very beginning. Janelle says she still would like to think she can trust James, but she sure thought it looked like he threw that veto competition to Danielle. She says she doesn't know, which is sort of a running theme. Julie asks about how things are with Marcellas. Janelle says they're trying to "mend [their] friendship," and unbelievably goes on to bitch about how last week, they were fighting because Marcellas was hanging around with Danielle and wasn't paying enough attention to her. So she wants us to believe it was lack of fawning that pissed her off? No, wait -- never mind. Actually, I do believe that, especially now that she says it. Julie asks about the supposed alliance between Janelle and Marcellas, but Janelle repudiates it and says that she doesn't think she can trust Marcellas that much anymore. "I want to go to the end with Season 6, obviously," she says. Well, obviously. Better to lose than to change your game plan.

Now, as Janelle strolls back to the living room, Julie brings up the Coup D'État again. She reminds us that there were three clues, and that the houseguests only had one chance each to make a guess. We are shown the sheep and the spool of thread again. Oh, I'm sorry -- the spool of lies. This time, we see Mike ring the bell and go into the diary room. "My official guess," he says, "is 'you reap what you sow.'" Then, they all run inside the house to see clue number three, which is...the grim reaper with a giant sickle. Mike does not do a good job of hiding his excitement. And then Janelle herself goes into the diary room. "My official guess," she says, pointing her finger for emphasis, "is 'sow what you reap.'" Which is incredibly stupid, because the reaping comes after the sowing. It's like saying "start what you finish" instead of "finish what you start." The fact that it's nonsensical probably has something to do with the fact that it's not a saying.

Mike is called into the diary room, where it is explained to him that he has won the special power. Julie Chen is there, and she explains to him that he won what they're calling the Coup D'État. He can exercise it once over the next three evictions starting tonight. Right before the vote, he'll get the chance to overthrow the HoH and replace the nominees. He cannot replace them, however, with the overthrown HoH or the veto holder, which renders the power...not that interesting, really, with so few people left. He and the old HoH will not get to vote. She says, "Big Brother will not reveal this power to the other houseguests until the day you choose to use it. So choose wisely." He leaves the room, and he informs us in a voiceover that he is "speechless."

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