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Julie wonders aloud whether Janelle will be overthrown, and whether Erika or Marcellas might be saved from being evicted. Dun-dun-duuuuun!

After some more commercials, it's time for the live vote. Well, almost. First, we have to have the coup explained again. Julie takes us back to the living room, where she reminds everyone that there's this new power. She also reveals something to us that was not said to Mike in the DR, as far as we know -- she says, "they are not allowed to reveal the power until the moment it's used." Now, if the winner wants to use the power, he should stand up now. Nobody stands up. We move along. So it will be Erika or Marcellas. Before the vote, they each have a chance to make a speech on their own behalf.

First, Erika. She echoes James from last week, saying that she thinks that the other houseguests should keep her if they think she could help with their strategy. Marcellas? "No big speeches," he says. "We each get to choose how we play this game. If you want this game to be about lies, and scumbagging each other, and you can live with that when it's over, that's great. I've tried to be honest, I've tried to be friends with everybody, and I hope that you guys know that's what I wanted. So if you can lie to me in my face, send me out under these circumstances, that's all I can do. I want to stay. All I can say is please." I have lots to say about the sentiments he has just expressed, but let's put it this way: Boy, am I glad he didn't make any big speeches!

Now, it's time for voting. Mike is up first, and he votes to evict Marcellas. And he does so rather gleefully, I must say. Howie then votes to evict Marcellas. Or, as he says, "Marjealous." Julie forces him to say it correctly, which is kind of killjoy of her. James votes against Marcellas, but he does not look thrilled. Will votes against Marcellas. George votes against Marcellas. Danielle? Also votes against Marcellas. She looks very crushed, which may or may not have any genuineness to it whatsoever. She might just be pinching her leg. Julie takes us back to the living room, where it is revealed that by a 6-0 vote, Marcellas is going home. Yipes. Unanimous hurts. He throws a couple hugs on the way out, but he also bails very quickly. Still in his giant afro wig and unfashionable tux, he makes his way to Julie Chen, who asks whether he wore the wig so she wouldn't hit him. He didn't, but I bet he's really sorry. His big moment, and he's badly dressed!

Back in the house, Danielle cries all over herself. Everyone's still alive, Danielle! James comforts her, which means she's pretty desperate.

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