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Back out in the power gazebo, Julie talks to Marcellas about how he supposedly had this deal with Janelle, and she asks him how he's feeling about that. Marcellas basically says that he never believed Janelle anyway, because she "lies as much as she breathes." He admits that his deal was "to scumbag Kaysar for her and to get rid of Howie for her." True or not, it's interesting that this was his perception and it didn't bother him. Julie reminds him of some of his Janelle comments, including his bit about ripping out her heart. Marcellas tries to act remorseful, but then he happily adds the part about ripping out her hair first. Asked if the rhetoric was "a little extreme," Marcellas says that it was, and somehow, he says that his decision not to shit-talk people this year was his undoing. He talks about how dramatic it can feel, "fighting for what feels like your life." Shouldn't feel like your life! Should feel like a reality show! Is a reality show! He says that he was bounced because he is too soft-hearted and wouldn't have put up Janelle. "So you wouldn't have double-crossed her," Julie says. "I'm totally incapable of doing stuff like that!" Marcellas exclaims with a grin, pretending to be frustrated but actually just basking. Too awesome! Too awesome to play this game of non-awesome people! That is uncanny, the way he was voted out for the same reasons as Kaysar and everybody else. This is like a horror movie. Awesomest person dies first. Which explains why they started by killing off Alison Irwin.

And now: goodbye messages. George mentions the slop pass, which is probably not that smart, because I'm sure Marcellas believes George owed him a vote for that reason. James says, "You'd better not be watching this, because if you are, it means Chill Town screwed us over and your girl shouldn't have nominated you." Janelle assures him that he was intended as a pawn, and she's so sorry! Will: "At the end of the day, you're charismatic, you're funny, you're very good-looking. People spark to your personality. That threatened me, and Chill Town as a group. So I'm sorry for this, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for what I've done." What's awesome about that is that it's deadpan, but Marcellas knows it's bullshit, and Will knows Marcellas knows, and Marcellas knows Will knows he knows, which is why it's so frustrating. Marcellas, in fact, hollers during the middle of it, "Evil Doctor Ill!" But in the end, he will convince himself that in fact, the reason Will did that was that he was threatened. Because that's what Marcellas does. Everybody's just jealous. I'm not saying Marcellas will vote for Will, but Marcellas could vote for Will, and there are lots of people Marcellas could never vote for.

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