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Marcellas is able to smile warmly at a farewell message from Danielle, who comes on screen crying and says, "Marcellas, you have to understand. This is a game. And it's an ugly game." She goes on about how she's so glad they're friends known and whatnot. Julie asks Marcellas how he now feels about Danielle, and he tells this whole story about how he was so mad at Danielle for four years, and in the house, he found a way to forgive her. For, you know, beating him. Mostly, he just congratulates himself for letting go of his anger. He throws one more little dramatic fit about not wanting to go to a sequester location in "Tijuana," and then we're done with Marcellas. Coming up? HoH.

Julie informs us when she returns that this is a double eviction week. What that means is that the new HoH tonight will have to make nominations immediately, and then we will see an eviction on Sunday. The houseguests, of course, don't know this yet.

As for the HoH, all the badly dressed houseguests wander out into the backyard, where they greet a big platform with a track for each of them to follow that's headed by a picture of them at approximately prom age. They all look as you'd expect, but Erika had really, really Molly Ringwald hair, and George wanted to be the Nerd Beatle. Oh, and we learn that America voted for Janelle for prom queen, which is just another indication that I am out of step with America, which also likes Carrie Underwood and George W. Bush. On the other hand, it's sort of fitting, because I've never thought real high-school prom queens were very awesome, either. Normally, this would give an advantage in the HoH competition, but she can't play -- HA! -- so she just gets a crown. Whatever.

In tonight's HoH competition, everyone will be blindfolded, and they will hold on to poles next to them to guide them down the board. Whenever they get a question right -- which they will do by raising their hands -- they can take a step forward by feeling along the posts. The questions are based on America's answers to the "Most Likely To Succeed"-type questions that ran on the CBS site last week. You will not, incidentally, be hearing about the answer to "Most Likely To Die Alone," which many voters -- including myself -- found a little harsh. Can you imagine? Doesn't mean I didn't vote, of course.

First question: Who was Most Intelligent: Will or Danielle? It was Will. Woot! Biggest Whiner: James or Marcellas? It was Marcellas. Good for you, America. Worst Dressed: George or Howie? It was George, and everybody who said Howie (which is most of them, other than Danielle and Howie) threw that question. Best Dressed: Janelle or Marcellas? Janelle. Bleh. Life of the Party: Mike or Howie? What a horrible choice. The answer turns out to be Howie. Gross. Mike is really offended. Most Likely To Break Hearts: Will or Mike? Will, of course. Most Likely To Win A Nobel Peace Prize: Erika or George. ERIKA OR GEORGE? Whatever. The answer is George. George is the only one to get it right, and he says, "What do you know?" Biggest Flirt: Janelle or Howie? The answer is Janelle.

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