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So what happens is that they are all gathered in the living room by the producers, who tell them that there's going to be a new HoH competition based on "technical difficulties." Oh, whatever. Most of these competitions are so stupid that winning them is a roll of the dice to begin with. I'm not offended by their redoing it, although they didn't make the decision in a vacuum given that they knew the outcome when they decided that outcome would be redone.

The new competition consists of a bunch of questions that are really stupid, and you can tell that no one knows the answers to half of them, because the answers are split down the middle. Guess what? Janelle, already the Luckiest Person To Ever Play The Game, wins HoH on the second try, despite getting a question wrong and being one of only a couple of people (though not the only one, as I'd originally thought) who got a question wrong and therefore was in no way disadvantaged by technical difficulties. Her luck is off the charts; it really is. In other news, you won't be surprised to hear that Howie throws just as much of a tantrum over losing legitimately as he did over the buzzer thing. In other words, Howie's not losing his mind over being wronged; he's just losing his mind. And when Janelle, wins, she yells, "I did it, Howie!", and then, "This is for you, Kaysar!" You know, it's important to remind people at all times that she is generous and never thinking of herself. Frankly, that attitude would have meant more to me in the form of not being so chirpingly happy at the veto ceremony where she knew she was getting Kaysar put up in the first place.

In the DR, Janelle holds her key up and giggles. "I won HoH...AGAIN!" She goes on: "I've been HoH three times out of six." Of course, it's really three times out of seven competitions, counting the one she legitimately lost that was luckily replayed, without which she'd be two for six. Furthermore, two of the times she's been HoH, she mostly just wasn't eliminated by other people. But don't let that interfere with your vision of how awesome she is. It certainly doesn't interfere with hers. She speechifies that there are probably people who wish she weren't HoH, but then she looks into the camera and says, "I'm here to crush dreams." It's nice that she's enjoying her moment, and she's earned it once you remove the first HoH competition that she flubbed from the equation, but I certainly hope she's going to understand this whole "hey, it's cutthroat, what can I say?" business if, by chance, it turns around on her at some point. Know what I mean? I mean, she'll need to be gracious should it turn out that she's the crushed instead of the crusher. I'm sure that will happen; it always does.

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