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That brings us to the end of the regular questions, which gives a tie between George and Danielle. George is shocked. They pick up their chalkboards to answer the tiebreaker. The question is how many minutes the houseguests went without hot water. Neither one of them winds up in remotely the correct order of magnitude, because it was several days, and they both answer in the 300 area. George answers 360 (which is six hours), and Danielle answers 308 (just over five hours). The answer was over 6000 minutes. Six thousand minutes is four days, just so you know. They answered five or six hours when the right answer was four days. I do not suggest them for the space shuttle program. ("Where are we, Saturn? Oh, oh, I get it, that's the airport...yeah, I can see my house, actually.")

So George is HoH, but as Julie tells us, George will have to make his nominations right this minute.

And when we return from commercials, everyone is chilling in the living room. George's jaw drops when he says that he has to announce his nominees right this minute. He pauses, and then he nominates James and Erika. Not a bad job for having to do it on the fly, because they're not earth-shattering nominations. Nobody is going to turn on you for nominating those two people.

So we will have to see whether James or Erika can win a veto, and who will go up if either of them pulls it off. This week is going to be very active, folks, so keep your ears open.

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