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Not Without My Sleep Mask

Marcellas, still in robe and sleep mask, runs into Erika in the kitchen. They talk about the fact that this isn't what they were hoping for. I think we had guessed that part. He DRs that the whole thing really sucked for Erika, who wanted HoH really badly and won it, only to have it taken away and given to Janelle, of all people. They share a hug. There is a lot of careful presentation of one's physical features between the two people involved in this hug. It is a hug from which great efforts have been made to cleanse all natural ugliness.

We are reminded in blue and white about the Coup d'État, and about the way the houseguests were told to look for clues and were then given a sheep. It's kind of like the Christmas story, in a way. And the sheep is like, "Yeah, I didn't bring a present. And I don't have a drum. And you can't eat me, because I'm in the union. So...'baaaaa,' whatever." Janelle tells us that she wasn't sure whether it was a sheep or a lamb, but either way, she was "confused." There's something about a woman in a "Baby Make It Nice" t-shirt saying she was "confused" by a sheep that makes it all worthwhile, you know?

The houseguests talk about what to name the sheep, and Danielle spits out "Dolly." She then explains in the DR that after suggesting the name "Dolly," she remembered that there was a sheep that was cloned, and the sheep was named Dolly. She and James have a chat, and he whispers to her that it might be "pull the wool over your eyes." Danielle tells him that she's decided that it's all about the cloned sheep. There was a sheep, and they cloned the sheep by her DNA, so it must be DNA, or "do not assume." "Damn, that's good," James answers. I'll agree that it's convoluted, making it "good" in the sense of "really hard to guess, because it's so incredibly unlikely." But actually "good"? That, I don't know about. I simply can't imagine this show expecting these people to know that information or make that connection. You should compare all Big Brother challenges to the TV Guide crossword puzzle. The answer isn't going to be an obscure French film actor. It's going to be "Ray Romano."

It turns out that you make your guess about the coup by ringing a bell and then going into the diary room, where you look carefully into the camera and hope that there isn't a "boing!" sound effect in the background while you deliver your guess. Danielle and James both ring the bell right away, and so does Erika. Will looks confused: "Am I on a different show than you guys, because...all I saw was a sheep." Well...yeah. I mean...yeah. Danielle insists that she "had to go for it." Well, of course! Someone will steal her answer! She goes into the diary room and makes her official guess "do not assume." James goes with "pull the wool over your eyes." Erika, too, goes with "do not assume." Erika also gives the "Dolly/DNA" explanation. Did she come up with that other than through Danielle? Because if they both thought of that, that's really weird. It's so obscure! Not as a fact, but as a connection to draw, you know? I guess it makes Danielle not as goofy as she looked for guessing right away. Somebody else didn't come up with the answer, but somebody else came up with her answer.

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