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Filler segment: Mike, Will, Janelle, and Howie make a rock video. I don't really know how to explain it, except to say Janelle gets wet, wears heels, and calls herself "the hot girl." And Danielle looks on and flashes her bra, which is pretty funny. "You know what's scary about this?" Danielle says to Erika. "Is that they're sober." Ha!

James visits Janelle in the HoH room. He passively tells her to put up who she wants. He says three people have to go -- referring to Marcellas, Erika, and Danielle -- and they can go however. James says he would enjoy seeing Marcellas on the block, and he DRs that he needs to save Danielle. His problem is that Janelle really wants Danielle out. Janelle thinks that getting rid of Danielle will "break" all the floaters, but James insists that they'll just float again, and it won't solve anything. Howie enters with some food and has a seat. There is some discussion of George, and of how untrustworthy he apparently is, and how his only loyalty is to Danielle and Erika. "I have to find a way to get Danielle out of here," Janelle says. "The bitch needs to leave." Oh, come on, baby, make it nice!

Back from more commercials, it's nomination day. Erika says that she thinks Janelle is threatened by other women, because she's generally "queen bee." Not to step on her theory, but I'm fairly confident Erika is used to similar treatment in many environments. Marcellas says that Janelle is a "complete bitch." He insists that she's "ugly on the inside." George says that it's not a good day for whoever he refers to as "us." Janelle DRs that she really wants to take personal shots at people, but she's decided not to be too rude, because they're all going to be voting eventually. I'm not sure Janelle stands much chance of making a lot of points on personality. She begins to put keys in the box. Danielle says that there's no point in talking to Janelle, because she recognizes that she herself struck the first blow, so she anticipates that Janelle will strike back.

Nomination ceremony. Janelle speechifies, "I would first like to, um, start off by stating that I try not to take things personal in this game. But, you know, when people are up in the HoH room, and they're pretending to be my friend when they're ready to just backstab me when they get the chance? I take that personal." Um, [sic]. Not to mention: Duh. Not to mention: That's the part that isn't personal when it's this particular game. She also says, "If you're going to declare war on someone, you'd better finish the battle." You'd think a girl would know enough not to say that when she herself had not yet finished the battle, but there you go. And then, as she always does, Janelle throws in "With that being said," because she thinks it makes her sound smart. Little does she know it would have worked just fine to know what "pull the wool over your eyes" means.

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