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And you know, in a sense I can see her point. Her HoH power was made a mockery through no fault of her own. I don't like Chima, or Jessie, or their alliance, but what happened to them was, objectively, unfair. But unlike them, I'm not going to blame Jeff for using the power that was given to him. After all, there are two things mitigating the unfairness of this situation. One is that people need to realize that sometimes, America is going to have a chance to influence the game, so it is to your advantage, Jessie, to not be a dickhead that America hates. It is to your further advantage, Chima and Natalie and Lydia, to not align yourself with that dickhead. The second factor is this: Julie always warns them to "expect the unexpected," which by now we all know is a polite way of saying "We will change the rules on you in midstream and there is fuck-all you can do about it." Chima came into this house expecting it to be fair. Even if that were her first, last, and only mistake, it was a fatal one. And now she's getting kicked out for acting like a brat about it. And I choose the word "brat" advisedly. There are other, stronger words, but those are usually applied to adults.

Natalie, Kevin, and Lydia are left in the red room, starting to wonder if Chima's gone for good, and Kevin thinks she'll be charged for the microphone pack as well. Natalie and Lydia blare their cover story at him, and he awesomely reminds them that they're surrounded by cameras. Then the voice of Allison Grodner calls them all to the living room. She gives them a minute to wait and speculate and sweat before telling them over the speakers that because of Chima's destruction of "production equipment" and "multiple rule violations," she's been expelled from the game. Lydia asks if they need to pack for her, and Allison says yes, and they'll tell them what the deal is with nominations tomorrow. After the production has had a chance to figure that out themselves, presumably.

Kevin cries, saying this is "stupid." Outside, the Gang of Four is bitching about the overreactions of the other Gang of Four, which is now the Gang of Three. In whose bedroom Natalie now is trying to pin Chima's meltdown on Michele. Lydia and Kevin warn Natalie not to make herself crazy; they just want to get Chima's stuff packed. Lydia compares Chima to an alcoholic with whom there is no reasoning, and reminds Natalie that Chima made her own choices. Lydia is, for once, correct. Kevin is still rattling off synonyms for stupid: "This is dumb. It's not smart, either." They keep trying to talk Natalie down, but it just turns into an argument among the helpless and the hopeless. And mindless.

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