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Next morning, Michele calls everyone into the living room to make an announcement: she is no longer HoH. And there's about to be a competition for a new one, complete with Michele having to sit it out as the outgoing HoH. In the DR, she takes it pretty well, saying she was at least able to accomplish the goal of getting rid of Chima. "I had a good two days of HoH," Michele says. Did I say her HoH reign would be the most boring ever? Please never listen to another one of my predictions again. Kevin agrees in the DR that it's a good way to "reset" everything. How is it Michele's fault that one of her nominees lost her shit? But of course, you won't hear anyone talking in the Diary Room about how unfair Big Brother can be.

The golf-themed PoV competition has now been converted to the HoH competition, complete with ugly golf pants for everyone to wear. There's one hole for this competition. The goal is to use the giant putter to make a hole in one, but if you miss, the ball will roll on to a rotating windmill behind the hole, where it will get caught up in one of many little cubbyholes that have different point values assigned to them. Highest number of points in each round gets eliminated, but the eliminated person gets to pick a secret prize from the table nearby. Lydia goes first and gets 6 points. Jordan gets 3 and Natalie 2, while Russell, Jeff, and Kevin all score holes in one, so Lydia's out. Her prize is the HoH key, but since this is a White Elephant/Nasty Christmas/Yankee Swap-style situation, she knows she's not going to get to hold onto it. Her only consolation is the pitcher of mimosas that's waiting there for the losers, and it looks as if she's going to be embracing that consolation with everything she's got.

In the second round, Natalie is eliminated, so Kevin had better keep getting holes in one for his team. Natalie wins a Hawaiian Vacation prize, and holds onto it rather than steal the HoH key from Lydia and get it taken away in a later round. In the third round, Russell just misses a hole in one and gets eliminated with seven points. He wins a phone call from home, which he swaps with Natalie for the Hawaiian vacation. Natalie is moved to Halle-Berry-at-the-Oscars tears, and thanks Russell for the best thing that could have happened to her. Russell rather coldly says it wasn't for her; he just wanted to give his parents a nice trip. Natalie manages to perform a symphony of "can you believe this douche?" even while crying uncontrollably. It's actually quite an impressive performance. Russell explains in the DR that he couldn't have his allies thinking he was secretly in cahoots with Natalie. He may have oversold it a bit.

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