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That happy HoH room-music is pretty incongruous given the mood. Lots of pictures, and Lydia wisely sits this one out. Or perhaps she is just too hung over to get out of bed. Jordan gets choked up reading the most boring letter from home ever. But the good news is that the family's moving into a new house, so Jordan gets her own room! The dream of every twentysomething girl.

Lydia changes into her "Captain Unitard" costume, which, as previously mentioned is the old red unitard that's been in rotation for the last four seasons, but now augmented with a cape, some gold briefs, a pink wig, goggles, and a "Captain Unitard" decal on the chest. Actually, Lydia doesn't look that much more ridiculous than usual.

The preamble to the nomination ceremony is pretty truncated. That bit where the HoH talks about his or her nominations and we hear the potential nominees tell us why they are or aren't worried? Totally skipped, and I don't miss them at all. It's not like there are any big surprises coming up. Jordan calls everyone in, and the safe people are Michele, Jeff, Kevin, and -- no suspense here -- Russell. Leaving Natalie and Lydia as the nominees. Jordan says she's giving Lydia the opportunity to leave, like she said she wanted to. She tells Natalie, "No hard feelings," and adds that she still has the PoV. Natalie says she plans to win it. Well, there's a first time for everything. Lydia DRs that she's not shocked; Jordan says she plans to "weaken" the other team, as though it's possible at this point to weaken them further without attacking their molecular structure; and Natalie says that this is her third nomination this week, but she plans to fight. Good luck with that.

So we're down to seven people. Wait, now, does this mean no double eviction on Thursday, as previously announced? Rip-off!

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