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Orange You Sorry You Got Nominated?

Veto player selection time. As always, the drawing is preceded by the overdramatic reveal of the MVP's third nominee. And once again, it's Amanda. She DRs about how it doesn't make any sense, but McCrae DRs that he's not remotely surprised. When Amanda and her fellow nominees Candice and Jessie join GinaMarie at the front of the room, the randomly selected other two players end up being Spencer and Judd, neither of whom has much skin in this game.

Helen, Candice, and Elissa meet to talk about the MVP, whom they think is Judd. When Amanda joins them, she's a hundred percent certain of the same thing. So she goes to find Judd and asks him to Veto her if she wins. Judd takes her aside and stage-whispers that he's using it on Jessie. Or rather, he'll pretend to, and then use it on Amanda. As usual, Amanda reads social awkwardness as sketchiness and doesn't trust him at all. She then goes to Spencer and asks the same thing. Spencer acts as though he'd consider it, but in the DR he mocks the very idea.

Amanda then proceeds to the HoH, where Helen and Andy and McCrae already are. Amanda still doesn't get why she'd be nominated, and McCrae is the only one to say it might have something to do with how loudly Amanda likes to talk about how stupid it is to nominate her. Aaryn joins them, and GinaMarie assures Amanda that Candice is still her target, and that she would use the Veto on Amanda if she wins. This upsets Aaryn for some reason, and she pulls an Amanda-style storm-out. Aaryn DRs about how selfish Amanda is. And Amanda tells the others that Aaryn must think she'd be the MVP's replacement nominee if GinaMarie were to save Amanda. Which is not selfish of Aaryn at all.

Andy reports to McCrae that Aaryn's pissed, and that Amanda needs to tone it down a bit. McCrae agrees with this, but instead of going to Amanda, he runs to GinaMarie and advises her -- in front of Aaryn -- not to use the Veto if she wins. Amanda joins the conversation too late to hear McCrae say anything too damning, and asks Aaryn why she's worried about being the replacement nominee. Aaryn thinks the MVP is Candice, which, if that were true, Candice wouldn't have bothered with Amanda in the first place. Rather than pointing this out, Amanda tries to tell Aaryn she wouldn't go home anyway, and McCrae interrupts to say they don't need to worry about this if the nominations don't change. "Why are you fighting for me to stay on the block?" Amanda asks him. McCrae tells her he's worried about ruffling feathers, and she storms out again to let them figure it out "while I sit on the block for a second week in a row." Even McCrae DRs that nobody owes Amanda anything.

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