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Orange You Sorry You Got Nominated?

Amanda goes to fret in the Have-Not room, and Judd and McCrae follow her in to ask what's wrong. Amanda's mad at McCrae's lack of loyalty. So McCrae explains that asking GinaMarie to potentially put her closest ally at risk is the same as if someone asked McCrae to do that to Amanda. She calls him a "dictator" in their relationship, which is rich, and he DRs that she's making it hard to work with her if this is how she's going to play the game. Well, what did you expect, dude?

For the Veto competition, the players head outside in camouflage waders to find a backyard that's been made up like a swamp with a shack at the edge of it. This is tailor-made for Judd, clearly, because it involves toy frogs. As the competition's host, Aaryn tells the players that they'll fling frogs across the pond at fake lily pads, each of which is marked with a number. The player with the lowest score at the end of each round will get eliminated. This is also one of those "White Elephant" or "Yankee Swap" type prize situations, where each eliminated player gets a prize out of a bucket of worms, one of which is the PoV. But anyone who gets eliminated after them can trade their prize for one that's already been won.

Jessie is the first to play in round one, tossing her frog so it lands in the 3 area. Spencer scores 5, Candice 4, Judd the frog-gigger 8, and Amanda a whopping 23. GinaMarie's frog lands in the water, so she's out. She pulls a prize from one of the buckets, which turns out to be the Veto medal. Even GinaMarie is smart enough to realize it's not going to be hers for long. In the second round, Spencer scores 5, Candice 24, Judd 6, and Jessie 4, but Amanda hits a 1 and is out. Her "prize" ends up being a "cone of shame" that she'll have to wear for 48 hours, which she swaps with GinaMarie for the PoV. "48 hours is two days, right?" GinaMarie asks. What did I say just now about her being smart?

Third round. Judd gets 21, Jessie 9, and Spencer 5. While Candice is awaiting her turn, she whispers to Judd that he's the suspected MVP. "They called me a rat, I'll be a rat." Amanda sees the whispering and invites Candice to "shut your big fat mouth." That's a brilliant thing to say in front of everyone when you're nominated and have a slim to none chance of winning the Veto. And then Amanda DRs about how stupid Candice is. In the yard, Amanda accuses Candice of being the MVP, and Candice chants about how she nominates Amanda all the time. "That's the Shaniqua coming out of you, I guess, right?" Amanda says. "Am I racist now? I'm racist now." Yup. Candice promises to play any stereotype that gets hung on her, and Amanda tells Candice this was the reason she was made fun of in school. Andy tells both of them to stop.

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