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Orange You Sorry You Got Nominated?

Aaryn tries to get things back on track with her "cheerful hostess" voice as she calls Candice for her turn. Amanda loudly mocks Candice as she's trying to set up, and then even more loudly when Candice's frog lands in the water. Out for this round, Candice's prize ends up being a vacation to the Bahamas. Which she swaps with the Veto. Since they have to stand there waiting for the rest of the competition, Amanda accuses Candice of making shit up, sending Howard home, and having no gameplay. She succeeds in provoking Candice and bickering continues to escalate between them. This of course is making McCrae miserable, as Amanda is making them both targets.

And the competition is still going on. In the fourth round, Judd scores 23, Jessie 13 when her frog bounces off the 50 pad, and Spencer 6. He wins a prize called "50 Shades of Orange," which entails getting a spray tan every time an alarm goes off. GinaMarie begs for it, of course, but Spencer steals Amanda's Bahamas vacation instead. Now the competition is down to Jessie and Judd. She goes for the 50 again, but this time her frog falls in the water. Judd scores 20, but barely gets to celebrate before Amanda starts trying to make alibis proving how she never said anything about Judd being MVP (which of course she did, to Candice, and we saw it happen). Candice advises Judd to let Jessie have the Veto, because Amanda is a snake.

Indeed, Judd does quietly tell Jessie that she can take it and he'll let her keep it, "As long as mine's not a crap garbage." Jessie's prize is $5,000, but she trades that with Candice for the PoV. And Judd draws the "clownitard," which must be this year's rebranded unitard. Judd trades that with Candice's five thousand dollars. So Jessie not only wins PoV, she's the only nominee who comes out of this competition smelling like a rose. Amanda is pretty bitter about her failure at competitions, but she's still confident she can get rid of Candice. Who in turn hopes that everyone just saw a great reason to boot Amanda instead. And that seems like a pretty reasonable hope right now.

After the competition, Amanda returns to the Have-Not room to pout more. McCrae joins her, telling her she should have shut up. "That's all you need to do! You're on the block!" McCrae blames her for making a spectacle of herself and acting like a bully. Maybe he's getting through to her and maybe not, because she buries her head in her hands and tells him to leave her alone.

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