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Orange You Sorry You Got Nominated?

Candice is still upset about the fight with Amanda, but she's not about to let anyone else see that. So as she laughs with Elissa about what the clownitard might look like, Aaryn begins to suspect that there's a plan in place to keep Candice and that Elissa's part of it. So with no evidence whatsoever, she heads right up to the HoH room and tells GinaMarie that Elissa is plotting to keep Candice. GinaMarie totally believes this and thinks she might put Elissa up next. See, Elissa, this is the problem with doing stupid shit in the house like your stunt with Kaitlin a few weeks ago: people will believe all kinds of other stupid shit about you that you didn't do. Especially stupid people.

Candice is called to the DR, and when she emerges, she's wearing the "clownitard," which is a baggy unitard accessorized with a rainbow wig, a tutu, big shoes, and a red plastic nose. Not a flattering look, though Spencer gives Candice props in the DR for working it. Amanda has to get painted orange every time music plays, but at least she has a sense of humor about being forced to look like a raccoon-eyed Oompa-Loompa. And of course there's GinaMarie's cone of shame, which is a big plastic cone around her neck like on a dog with stiches, and which she seems to be enjoying completely without irony.

And she's still wearing it when Helen pays her a visit in the HoH room to make sure that GinaMarie isn't planning to put up one of Helen's allies in place of Jessie. But of course GinaMarie is already planning to act on the rumor Aaryn started about Elissa campaigning for Candice. Helen can't have that, so she butters up GinaMarie and suggests putting up "other people." All the other people?

Jessie is wearing Judd's grizzly bear shirt for the Veto meeting. That thing is taking on ceremonial significance. Jessie wishes, futilely, that someone would make a big move and nominate McCrae against Amanda. Amanda DRs orangely that "it's stupid, I'm dirty, I'm tan and I want to just go cry." Candice and her clown costume hope that Amanda will be seen as the bigger target. GinaMarie just hopes that whoever she replacement-nominates doesn't come after her next week.

In the Veto meeting, Jessie Vetoes herself as expected, and GinaMarie and her cone name the replacement: Spencer. He's one of the least nervous nominees ever, given who the other choices are. Always a master of projection, Amanda figures nobody trusts Spencer and nobody likes Candice, so she's in good shape. And Candice has convinced herself that Amanda is seen by most of the house as a bigger target. One of them must be wrong. Candice promises World War Three in the house this week. And since tomorrow night is double eviction, that may prove to be only be 99.997% hyperbole.

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