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After the competition, Natalie and Kevin quietly confer about who to send home next, taking a discreet break as Michele walks through the room. They're looking to get rid of the person most likely to win the next competition, as though these two weren't already safe enough. Kevin thinks Jeff is a triple threat, i.e. able to prevail at mental, physical, and endurance competitions, while Natalie thinks they're due for the kind of quiz-show competition Michele's good at, so maybe she's a better target. And what is this formidable adversary doing right now? Going into a room by herself to cry. And then she does it some more in the DR, talking about how alone she feels. Wow, if you can't find camaraderie in the Big Brother house, where can you find it? "It's just a game, it's just a game," she tells herself, still weeping. But I can see why she's upset. It's a game that consumes your entire summer, and you don't get that time back. Or maybe she's just having a breakdown over the thought of being stuck in a house with Jessie again.

Kevin shows off his HoH room, and everyone's a little surprised at how attractive his partner is. Kind of a backhanded compliment to Kevin there. Kevin reads a letter from him, unable to keep it together even though the message is pretty standard. Kevin DRs about what a highlight it was for him to get a letter from home. Just once I'd like to see someone read their letter and then go, "Meh."

In the backyard, Jordan talks about her family, and how they lost their house to foreclosure. Which apparently was the main thing that got the kids out of there. Jordan says she still plans to live with her mom indefinitely, which Jeff appreciates because it shows what a good person Jordan is. And it's not like he's getting any from her anyway, so she might as well.

Natalie trims her nails in the red room with Jordan and somehow segues from how nice a spa day would be as a luxury reward to how much she hopes Kevin sticks to the plan because she wants Michele gone. Jordan voices her fears for herself, and Natalie snaps, "No." Jeff wanders in, and after Natalie DRs that she's going to get to keep her hands clean when Jeff goes home, she's summoned by Big Brother. Jordan whispers to Jeff what Natalie just told her, and how she thinks it means Jeff might get backdoored. Jeff insists he has a deal with Kevin. "I could be wrong, you know me," she chirps, playing with his hair. Jeff looks like he's thinking she might just have picked a hell of a time to be right about something.

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