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The Divine Power Of Veto

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The Divine Power Of Veto

At this point, Jen enters and squirts a bunch of mouthwash or tooth whitener or alcohol into her mouth -- who the hell knows -- and is still swishing it around in her mouth as Jameka takes her aside to tell her how Jameka will be on her side in the Veto Competition. Jen takes it in sort of quizzically, and they hug it out, and then, in the DR, Jen explains that Jameka's into religion and everything, and Jen's not, but she's happy God is kind of in her corner on this one.

In the kitchen, Jameka tells Dustin and Dick that if she wins the Veto, she'll be using it on Jen. Dick is instantly spoiling for a fight over it, even before she's said anything about the Big Guy. Dick clarifies that if Kail had pulled Jameka's name, then Jameka would be playing for her, and Jameka basically says yes. Dick asks whether she'd be playing for Zach if Zach had been one of the nominees and pulled her name, and Jameka says that it's the same situation: if her name is pulled, she feels it's pulled for a reason. Now, I think her rationale, such as it is, for this position is kind of silly. But I can kind of appreciate the sport of it, like she's just decided that, in order to make this stultifying enterprise the tiniest bit interesting for herself, she's going to try to win in order to make something happen. And furthermore, she's straight-up announcing to Dustin that one of his nominations is in potential jeopardy, and he's okay with that, so once again, the only reason Dick is doing what he's doing is because he loves to be mad. But then, unfortunately, he DRs what has been Miss Alli's view -- that God is not involved in reality shows -- and to hear her opinion on this matter come out of Dick's hideously disfigured head is upsetting. Anyway, Jameka knows that Dick thinks what she's saying is ridiculous because he's an atheist, but she doesn't care. Someone, please remind me why ANYONE is in an alliance with Dick? Everyone hates him! Back in the kitchen, Dustin is -- sincerely or not, it's hard to tell -- politely asking questions to understand Jameka's notions of predestination, and even though neither of them is talking to him, Dick has to make a big production of announcing that he's not going to discuss this anymore, and leaves the room, adding, in case you weren't sure, that he's not trying to be rude. Yes, I'm sure it requires no effort at all.

After commercials, it's time for the Veto Competition. It's art-themed, which means that everyone has to put on black turtlenecks and berets. They enter the Big Brother art gallery, enjoy wine and cheese (even for those on slop, so Kail stuffs her face). Jameka reminds us that her plan was to try to win, to keep her word, and to be selfless. Jessica, on the other hand, is going to play her hardest to keep the nominations as they are. However, her "hardest" still sucks. The game is, basically, deciphering pictograms. There will be a series of images based on Big Brother phrases (which, to me, means make a mental list of the things Julie Chen has said on more than eight hundred occasions and prepare to supply them as answers). They'll get game dollars based on right answers. Answering wrong means you're out of the game (and, weirdly, locks other players out from attempting to answer the one you fucked up). They'll each start with $1000 in game dollars. But why, you might think, would they need it if a wrong answer doesn't result in points debited, but in ejection from the game? I wonder!

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