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The Divine Power Of Veto

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The Divine Power Of Veto

After commercials, there is Veto fallout. Outside, everyone's just trying to get their pool on when Dick decides to confront him about the cash and vacation he availed himself of in the game. Dustin defends that he could have still won, even with all the goodie greed, if he'd gotten the last question right, though it's not clear to me from the editing that they knew the final question would be worth as much as it was. Not that I think he needs to defend himself to Dick; I just think he should tell Dick that instead of coming up with bullshit excuses. And of course, back in the hiss fight, Dick's saying it's okay for Dustin to have taken the money because that's what Dick would have done. But he wouldn't have taken the trip. It sounds like Dustin's actions have put him, in Dick's estimation, even lower than Jen. Horrors! In the DR, Dustin shrugs that he was selfish, but I don't see how. It's not like anyone else is saying that they were going to take either the money or the trip but that Dustin beat them to the buzzer, the prick. (That may actually be the case, but no one's saying it.) And as for the selfishness of losing the chance to keep the nominees the same? Daniele had a chance to affect that and gave a crappy answer and lost. Jessica had a chance to affect that and gave no answers at all. And DUSTIN was the one who made the nominations, so how can he be selfish if he's putting his own supposed interests at risk? "Selfish" and "greedy" -- not the same. Also, I'm sure that $5000 and a trip to the Caribbean will mean a lot more to Dustin when he returns to his real life than will knowing that his fellow houseguests think well of him. In conclusion: shut up, Dick.

Amber tells Jameka that she's pissed about Dustin, too, but Jameka's not concerned, and says that she's going to keep her word and trust that God will reward her for it. [Church organ.] Amber cries more, because she doesn't like to see good people taken advantage of, though in the yard she's talking about what Jen did, and then in the DR, she's bitching about Dustin. It's hard to be Amber!

Elsewhere in the yard, Daniele's telling Nick and Dick that she's pissed too. Dick tells her that Dustin's scrambling now, and indeed he is, babblingly defending himself to Eric. Though some of what he says in self-justification is that he has $2700 in his bank account at home, which is not going to win him a lot of sympathy votes from the average BB viewer. In the DR, Eric confirms that everyone in the house is mad at Dustin right now.

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