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Ronnie? Gonnie!

Let's move on to the relatively straightforward subplot of Ronnie trying to line up the votes to stay. He says he's got Jessie, Natalie and Chima on his side, but he might be able to talk Jordan into giving him a "sympathy vote," by not letting her know it would be enough to swing it. Good luck with your Jedi mind tricks, Ronnie.

Jeff and Jordan have their first make-out session in the night-vision cameras in the pool room, and Ronnie walks in, possibly unaware of what's going on, already making his case to Jordan. "I am a humble winner and gracious loser, and I try to handle everything with class." And then he farts. I am not making this up. He keeps talking, and Jeff makes a big show of not calling him a cockblocker in the DR, even though he clearly wants to. Better luck next week, Jeff.

Julie gets the houseguests on the viewscreen for the group interview. She comments on Lydia's freaky eye makeup, and for a take on the fight between Chima and Russell, she asks... Jordan, for some reason. Jordan says she just wanted to stay out of the way. Mission accomplished. Julie then asks Michele to describe the mood in the house. Michele says it's tense, of course, because it's never not. Even Julie asks if it's ever otherwise, like, hey, you asked the obvious question, lady. Julie asks Jessie about his first turn at being a Have-Not and living on slop, squid and squash, and gets a pretty flat answer. Even Jessie is bored with the question.

Time for the HoH Chenterview, with Russell alone up in the HoH room. Julie asks Russell if his emotions got the best of him during the fight with Chima, because apparently she knows even less about what goes on outside of the episode storylines than I do. Talking too loud for his microphone, Russell admits as much, smirking away as he says he's apologized since then. Julie asks how he'll manage not being in power, and he gives a non-answer before puckering up and kissing Julie's yellow-clad ass. Julie thanks him and gets him back on subject, asking who Russell is actually loyal to: Jessie or Jeff? Russell claims both, and is hoping not to have to screw either one of them for as long as possible. We'll see how that goes.

Now it's time for Julie to announce the winner of the Coup D'├ętat. We flash back to a pair of legs earlier this week, walking to the DR in brown-and-white board shorts. They're the board shorts that belong to Jeff, just in case there was still any suspense over whom America would pick. In the DR, he discovers an envelope addressed to him, which he opens and reads aloud, explaining the secret power he's just been given to replace one or both of the nominees at one of the next two evictions. Except a producer has to tell him how to pronounce "Coup D'├ętat." Jeff's thrilled to have the power, even if he's not thrilled to have to say its name, and he thanks America for helping him out. Even though he probably isn't going to use it tonight. Yeah, he seems pretty happy with the nominations as is.

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