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Natalie's turn: Why didn't Adam keep her? She whines. Adam claims that it was down to the HoH, and says he did what he could. So Natalie turns to Ryan to ask why he didn't keep his word to her. Ryan apologizes and says that it was one of the hardest decisions he had to make. "Thanks for the honesty," Natalie says.

Sheila demands of Adam why he lied and said he would take her to the final two. Instead of letting him answer, she keeps lecturing him about how she helped him too. When he finally gets a chance to talk, Adam again repeats that he did his best in the HoH competition, and wasn't trying to screw Sheila at all. Although he does stop short of claiming that he would have taken her along instead of Ryan in the event he had won, saying that you never know until the time comes. Sheila rather owlishly says that she played a smart game too, so he shouldn't take all the credit. "Smart" meaning "not winning a single competition that wasn't thrown" in this context, I take it. Adam says he really tried to win HoH, and he doesn't care what any of the jurors believe. "Oh, really?" Joshuah snots.

Ryan's closing argument: he tried to play a good game, and he's not going to put down Adam. And he basically thanks them for their time. Adam breaks it down, saying the jurors seem to be looking at three criteria: personal relationships, gameplay, and plans for the money. Adam says that he's bringing something from each of them, and he did what he needed to do to get to the end of the game. "It's over for you guys, it's not over for us," he concludes, which doesn't seem to have the effect he was hoping for.

Well, that'll do it. After the viewscreen is shut off, the jury sits there pissed, and not any closer to a decision. Chelsia points out something that Adam missed: the game's not over for them, because they decide who gets the money. So there!

In the house, Adam and Ryan decompress as Adam points to the memory wall, calling Sharon, Sheila, and Joshuah -- especially the latter two -- "psycho." They don't seem to know what's going to happen. Myself, I'm a little disappointed that in the absence of resident cleaning person Sheila, the house hasn't turned into a bear cave.

So now Julie welcomes the jurors to the studio, live. Here come Matt, Chelsia (dressed like Betty Boop), Joshuah, James, Natalie, Sharon, and Sheila, high-fiving the people in the aisle seats as they go. They take their seats in the jury box as Julie throws us to commercial. There's going to be a lot of commercials from here on out.

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