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When we come back, Julie gets Ryan and Adam on the viewscreen, and asks Adam for a one-word description of the grilling: Adam starts to soliloquize, but Julie trims it down to "rough" for him. Good thing Julie doesn't have a vote. Ryan goes with "nerve wracking." And then it's time to vote.

Julie starts calling up the jurors to the key box, to insert the key of they player they think should win. They also each get to make one statement. Matt says one of them is taking him to Vegas. Natalie says she's going with her gut instinct. Joshuah visibly chafes under the "single statement" limitation, but says he's voting for the person who played hard, has a backbone, and isn't scared to be the bad cop. Which is kind of a giveaway. Sharon says she decided based on who she felt was the most loyal, whatever that means. Sheila says it's an easy decision, and hopes that "honesty and loyalty and trust had something to do with this." Sheila also respects chess players with speed, strength, and athleticism. All James says is a muttered, "I hope you party away this money." Chelsia says she hopes that the winner will stick to what they said at the round table, which is another giveaway right there.

So the voting is over, and when we come back from the next batch of ads, the first six evicted houseguests will return. Julies says those six people are the only ones who have watched the whole season and know everything that's been going on. Well, them and me, but I'm pretty sure we seven are the only ones.

After the break, Julie points out Parker, Amanda, Alex, Allison, Jacob, and Jen, sitting in a group across the stage from the jurors. Julie starts by asking Natalie if she was playing all sides. Natalie cops to it, but says that her primary loyalties were to the boys. And as for Natalie's loyalties to Matt, well, Julie suspects that when Natalie watches the season, that'll get fixed good. Matt apologizes in advance, and Natalie, who says she's already gotten an earful, gets in a good crack about Matt losing due to karma. Uh, Nat? What's the Bible say about karma?

Julie then asks Jen how she feels about Allison, and Jen still doesn't care for her. Allison takes the high road, saying that she doesn't think she's a better match for Ryan than Jen is, although she still thought it wasn't so nice of Jen to call him a racist on national television. Way to go out on a limb there.

Julie then plays the final two the clip in which Adam whispered to Natalie that he voted to keep her, complete with subtitles and Adam's confession in the DR. Ryan isn't exactly surprised, and when Julie offers Adam a chance to explain himself to Ryan, Adam just shrugs, "He knew." So that fizzles. So does the next clip, when Adam gets to see the replay of Joshuah fake-crying for him to try to win his sympathy in an upcoming vote. But there isn't any time to talk about that, so Julie moves on. She tells the jurors about the $25,000 Rupert Boneham Memorial America's Favorite Juror prize, which will be coming up later. Oh, and the announcement of who the winner is, too. In case anyone is still interested at this point.

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