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So after the that break, Julie gets ready to reveal the results of the jurors' vote, warning them that they'll need four votes to win. Matt voted for Adam. So did Natalie. Joshuah voted for Ryan, of course. Sharon voted for Adam, who is now one vote away. And Sheila turns out to have cast the winning vote for Adam. Which I am sure thrills her.

Adam hugs Ryan and heads out the front door with him -- slowly -- to greet the crowd. All the jurors and other evictees crowd into the aisle to hug them, because they're rich now.

Afterwards, Julie asks Adam what he's going to do with the money, and he maintains that he's giving $100,000 to the United Autism Foundation. So he probably doesn't know yet that they fired him. Maybe he can keep it and consider it his severance. Julie holds up James and Chelsia's keys, revealing that they also voted for Adam, which makes it a 6-1 blowout. And before they sign off, it's time to learn who America's Favorite Juror was. Perennial also-ran Sheila came in second, and the winner was James. Of course. See you July 13, everyone.

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