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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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Amy and Jason jaw about how the south has held up remarkably well in the game. And then I have about a twenty-second interruption for a tornado warning, and by the time we get back, they're starting in on the BBQ food. Lisa says that she's never had ribs, so Jason and Amy show her how to properly gnaw on them and suck the bones. ["My sister and I were horrified when Lisa couldn't even recognize what the ribs were. Glark -- who is a vegetarian -- said he'd never had ribs either, but we pointed out that if he saw some in a take-out tray, he wouldn't have to ask what they were. More proof for my theory that Lisa, while a really nice girl, is a bit dim." -- Wing Chun] Lisa is sort of surprised that you're actually supposed to suck on the bones. Later that night, Jason tells Danielle in the kitchen that his family will tell him later that he did the right thing by hooking up with Danielle. He also says that before he even got into the house, he planned to align himself with someone in the house who was different from himself -- "probably female, probably a mother." He even says his father told him he needed to meet a smart black woman. Danielle looks shocked, but I think just in a "you don't say" kind of way, not in a "your father sucks" kind of way. And then Jason and Danielle sit around for ten minutes talking about how wonderful and brilliant their alliance was. You know, I do give them credit for keeping it a secret, because that is indeed a huge part of a successful alliance. But I also hope they understand that with a group of twelve people, you can't actually manipulate everything that happens with an alliance of two. In other words, they played really well, but they also benefited from the way the circumstances fell. They certainly didn't play so well that they somehow guaranteed their victory. Other people could have swung things in another direction at several points along the way. They benefited from Josh's meltdown, from Gerry's bad hygiene, from Chiara and Amy's catfight, from Tonya's decision to yell at Amy and other words, there's no strategy that guarantees you victory, and I certainly hope they know that. They were good, but they weren't that good. This worked partly because they got lucky. Repeatedly.

Jason has a little crush on Lisa, as it turns out, which is kind of cute. He tells her how gorgeous she is in the morning, and in the DR, you can completely tell how swell he thinks she is. In the DR, Danielle has to mock this, as she mocks everything else that anyone does, and she expresses disbelief that he used the word "beautiful." "What man uses the word 'beautiful'?" she says. Er, lots of them? You can tell she's grasping for ways to be above this, because there's nothing all that amusing about telling women they're beautiful. Is she...what, is she jealous? Is she just reflexively contemptuous? Anyway, there's some more Jason/Lisa flirting, and then he says in the DR that while he admits he's attracted to Lisa, he has no delusions: "You've seen Eric." Cut to a shot of Eric, literally tinted green like the Hulk, lifting weights. Ha! Witty. It would be a shame, indeed, if Eric crushed Jason's head like a ripe tomato.

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