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The End Of Amy, Part Deux

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Amy DRs that she would keep Danielle with her if it came to that, because she wants Danielle to win. (In case you haven't seen Amy's post-eviction interviews, that feeling did not last once she saw the horrible way Danielle talked about everyone else in the house when they weren't looking.) Amy has gotten to be weirdly endearing with this apple-cheeked routine. Ever since the people who made her feel crappy about herself every day (namely Roddy and Marcellas) left the house, she seems to have just bloomed in this really nice way. Yay, Amy.

As we watch the blue-and-white noms again, Lisa comments that Jason is so obviously a bigger threat to Danielle than Lisa is that Lisa doesn't understand why Danielle wouldn't put him up -- unless they have some kind of deal. Ah, the light begins to dawn. Danielle laughs smugly in the DR about how no one knows about her alliance. Yes, again. If I had known how often I would need the phrase "Danielle laughs smugly in the DR," I would have made a macro for it weeks ago, because it alone is giving me carpal tunnel. Lisa begins to figure out that Danielle and Jason are in a two-person alliance, and that she is the accessory they intend to ditch at the very end. Then, in the hot tub, all four remaining houseguests sit together and Amy expresses her happiness that they're all playing straight with each other, and that there aren't any alliances. Again, ow. She's going to be so sad when she looks at this later.

Blue-and-white Danielle tells the girls again to flirt with Jason to get his vote. The girls flirt with Jason. Jason likes it. He admits in the diary room that he's really not playing to take someone to the end that he can beat; he's just taking Danielle. Because he said he would. Jason? Yeah, you're an idiot. Alliances do not go that far, my dear. You don't actually have to hand her the damn money. The idea is to survive as long as possible, not to be her freaking sock puppet. What is it about this that Jason doesn't understand? He says that he's making this decision solely based on who he thinks he and Danielle can beat in the HoH competition.

Julie comes to the houseguests in the living room, and teases Jason about all the flirting. Then she asks him how it feels to be the man making the big decision, and he says it's "horrible," but he's "got to do it." Blah dee blah it's-a-game yakkety yak. Julie asks whether Jason has been influenced by the flirting, and he says he "can't kiss and tell." Snore. Like there would be anything to tell. Julie asks Lisa about her internet chat, and Lisa calls it "amazing." She grins and giggles and really flashes those huge teeth. Was it great to hear from Eric? Great insightful question, there, Julie. Lisa says yes, you will be shocked to know, and this segment becomes so dull that I look out the window and realize that life is passing me by, like, right this minute. Julie then asks Amy about the three-minute phone call, and whether Amy would have been able to keep it a secret if the rest of the folks hadn't pried it out of her. She says she wouldn't have -- "you can't keep a secret from Danielle." Because Danielle is so brilliant. Okay, Jason, can you hold my hair back now?

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